Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - Halloween

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing prompt exercise - Request: Halloween

Dagur and Rae discuss Halloween.

( Also including the request of 'Halloween and they BOTH want to be He-man or She-ra!' )

Dagur: *Bursts into the cabin* "Rae! Rae, come here, I want you!"

Rae: *Is busy examining a cabbage for some reason* "Wh-What!?" *Eyes widen*

Dagur: *Suddenly realises how bad that sounded* "No, not like that."

Rae: "...Oh." *Deflated look*

Dagur: "I have a great idea for a new Berserker tradition!"

Rae: *Snickers at his enthusiasm and leans her chin on her hands* "OK, big boy. Let's hear it."

Dagur: "It's a holiday where we go around raiding villages!"

Rae: *Rolls her eyes* "When do we not?"

Dagur: "But... But I haven't told you the best part!"

Rae: "I'm listening."

Dagur: "We do it dressed up in costumes, like masks and stuff!"

Rae: "Woah!"

Dagur: "And we ask for sweet things instead of the usual thing like weapons, shields, virgins, you know..."

Rae: *Clenches her fists excitedly* "That... sounds... AWESOME!"

Dagur: "I know, right!?" *Grinning like the Cheshire cat* "We could call it... Uh... Bloodysweetrollsnatchoween!

Rae: *Snorts at that* "But, what kind of costumes?" *Suddenly gets an idea* "Wait, wait, wait, waitwaitwait. I have the perfect idea!"

Dagur: *Stifling excited giggles*

Rae: "The kids over on Berk kept talking about some character they were told stories of and he sounded totally bad ass! He apparently had this blonde bob, ripped muscles, wore virtually nothing but a pair of under-wraps and boots and had a magic sword!"

Dagur: "YES! I know who you mean!"

Rae: "And he holds the sword up shouting something, what was it..." *Ponders for a moment*

Dagur & Rae: *Both hold their hands up in the air* "I HAVE THE POWERRR!" *Both fall about laughing hysterically*

Dagur: *Calms a little* "He's too cool. I want to dress as him."

Rae: *Wipes away a tear from laughing so hard* "Well, I was going as him."

Dagur: "What? No! I am!"

Rae: "Get your own Bloodysweetrollsnatchoween costume!"

Dagur: "He's a man and I'm a man, so no! I'm going as him!"

Rae: "Well I'M OLDER, what I say goes!"

Dagur: *Throws the cabbage at her*

Rae: *Throws it back*

Dagur: *Ducks out of the way and it goes sailing over his shoulder*

Savage: *Enters the cabin* "Is everything alright, your derangedness, I thought I heard shou- BLEH!" *Is hit in the face by the cabbage which sticks to him*

Dagur & Rae: *Stop fighting and laugh hysterically again*

Savage: *Cabbagey blinking*

Dagur: "Savage is going as Cabbage man!"

Rae: "Suits him!"

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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