Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - Modern Life

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Writing prompt exercise - Request: Modern Life

Dagur and Rae discuss modern life.

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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Submitted: December 08, 2015



Rae: "What do you think life will be like in 1000 years?"

Dagur: "Hopefully dragon-less."

Rae: "Hey, watch it. I have a dragon."

Dagur: "You HAD a dragon. You don't now, since he's wild again."

Rae: "That's not my fault."

Dagur: "It's not my fault either! You were the one who agreed to stay with me!"

Rae: "You offered!"

[Awkward tension-induced silence]

Rae: "Anyway... I hope in the future there are less jerks."

Dagur: "What was that?"

Rae: "Nothing!"

Dagur: "I'm sorry, was that a dig at me?"

Rae: "Oho, someone's got a guilty conscience, I never said it was about you. But, if the foot bindings fit!"

Dagur: "Yeah!? Well, I hope in the future there are no annoying women to bug us!"

Rae: "Yeah, good luck with that. You won't be able to continue your line if that was the case."

Dagur: "So? I don't care!"

Rae: "And who would you have sex with?"

Dagur: "Well, um..."

Rae: "It'd be a real sausage fest, don't you think?"

Dagur: "Er..."

Rae: "Wang world."

Dagur: "...Um."

Rae: "Penis paradise?"

Dagur: "..."

Rae: "Yep. That's what it'd be like."

Dagur: "You suck."

Rae: "... Sounds like your idea of fun."

Dagur: "SHUT UP!"

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