Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - The Fall Of Communism

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Writing prompt exercise - Request: The Fall of Communism

Dagur and Rae discuss the fall of communism.

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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Submitted: December 08, 2015



Rae: *Laying on the bed, resting her chin on her palms* "Dagur?"

Dagur: *Busy plotting on a map* "Hm?"

Rae: "Do you think there'll ever be a time when everyone will have the same things as everyone else?"

Dagur: "What are you blabbering about?"

Rae: "A time when we all have the same type of goods and the same money and so on. And like... If anyone tries to get more and be greedy they'll be punished."

Dagur: "No."

Rae: "What makes you so sure?"

Dagur: *Sighs and turns to look at her* "Because that just sounds dumb. Why would anyone want the same things as everyone else? And what kind of position would that leave me in? I'd be out of a job."

Rae: "You have a job?"

Dagur: "Well, duh! Bothering Hiccup and trying to take his Nightfury, of course!"

Rae: "Well, Hiccup wouldn't have a Nightfury if that was the case. Since it's the last one and all. It wouldn't be fair on everyone else."

Dagur: *Ponders* "Hmm. That might not be a bad thing. Then maybe he'd stop lording it over everyone and thinking he's such a special little snowflake."

Rae: *Snickers to herself* "You wouldn't be able to have your axes though, unless everyone else had them too."

Dagur: "No!" *Grabs his axe and hugs it* "Leave Axey alone!"

Rae: "Just making a point."

Dagur: "Well, that concept can go away then. It would fall before it even started."

Rae: "You think?"

Dagur: "Oh yes. I can't ever see ANYONE agreeing to it. Not in a million years."

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