Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - The Meaning of Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing prompt exercise - Request: The Meaning of Life

Dagur and Rae discuss the meaning of life.

Rae: *Reaches out a hand to Dagur as he sleeps and strokes it down his bare back*

Dagur: *Grumbles and turns over violently to see her staring at him* "AGH!"

Rae: "What do you think the meaning of life is?"

Dagur: *Squints and rubs his dry eyes* "Rae, it's really late. I need sleep."

Rae: "Humour me, come on. I can't sleep."

Dagur: "Didn't you hear me, wench!?"

Rae: "No, I heard you. I just chose to ignore you. So... WHat do you think the meaning of life is?"

Dagur: "Sleep!" *Yanks the furs over him more*

Rae: *Yanks them back* "Cop out!"

Dagur: *Growls and reaches out his hands in a mock strangling motion* "Ugh! Fine. If we talk about this, will you let me go to sleep afterwards?"

Rae: "Fine by me!"

Dagur: "OK. Let me think. I was literally just in a dream about drinking ale from that stupid dragon's skull when you woke me up."

Rae: *Lays there grinning*

Dagur: "I think the meaning of life is... Taking everything, destroying things, ruining lives, being the best."

Rae: "Wow, you sure are not doing such a great job then. Well, maybe the ruining lives bit. You do have a habit of making people pretty miserable."

Dagur: "Why you little..."

Rae: "See, I think the meaning of life is to have a family and protect your own. Keeping your lineage going."

Dagur: *Raises a brow* "Wait... You're not saying you want to have a child, are you?"
Rae: "What? No! No, no! That's not what I... Could you imagine us having a child? Yeesh! It'd be dead in five seconds. Woooo, no. I'd be rubbish as a mother."

Dagur: *Looks somewhat sullen* "Looks like we both suck at our concepts."

Rae: "Seems so."

Dagur: "Or maybe we are over thinking it?"

Rae: "How so?"

Dagur: "Maybe the answer was there all along."

Rae: "Oh? What is that then?"

Dagur: *Face darkens* "The meaning of life is sleep like I said!"

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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