Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - Where Babies Come From

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing prompt exercise - Request: Where Babies Come From

Dagur and Rae discuss where babies come from.

Rae: "So, you see strange, small Berk child. That is where your mother is right now."

Dagur: *Walks over* "What are you doing talking to this halfling?"

Rae: "Her mother is having a baby."

Dagur: "Ohhh, I see!" *Smiles before his face drops* "Gross."

Rae: "It's not gross. It's natural."

Dagur: "It's gross and icky and nasty."

Rae: "Then you are too, because you were also spat out of a female in the same way."

Dagur: "Rubbish! I was born from thunder and lightning on a bed of sea foam!"

Rae: *Laughs loudly* "Are you serious!"

Dagur: *pouts* "That's what I was told!"

Rae: "That is ridiculous!"

Child: *Looks back and fourth between them*

Dagur: "That's how I was told babies were born! That, or they are brought from the fields by ravens."

Rae: "I can't believe that you actually think that's where babies come from at your age."

Dagur: "Then enlighten me!"

Child: "I wanna know!"

Rae: "Well... Everyone knows that a woman is chosen by the gods to bear a child and they place the child inside her belly through her belly button!"

Dagur: *Snorts* "What absolute crap!"

Rae: "That's what I was told!"

Dagur: "Idiot!"

Rae: "Numbskull!"

Dagur: "Durr brain!"

Child: "ENOUGH! You are both wrong!"

Dagur: "Alright, pipsqueak. Where do babies come from if you're so smart."

Child: "Well, when a Mommy and Daddy love each other VERY much..."

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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