Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - XBox VS Playstation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing prompt exercise - Request: XBox VS Playstation

Dagur and Rae discuss chewing.

Dagur: "Rae, I just got to thinking."

Rae: "Well, that's dangerous."

Dagur: "Shattap. Now, I was thinking about entertainment for the armada. After all, it can get pretty boring when out at sea for all my men."

Rae: "No kidding. I think I saw one guy making a game out of how many times he could hit a seagull with his pee."

Dagur: "Gross. Anyway. I was thinking of creating a games night."

Rae: "Games night?"

Dagur: "Yeah, where we can hold contests. Axe throwing and the like. We can award sweetrolls to the winners and I can throw the losers overboard."

Rae: "You do that to people anyway. At least mix it up."

Dagur: *Blank look* "Fine. Fine, I'll throw them overboard and get that guy to pee on them then."

Rae: *Nods*

Dagur: "Then I'll make this a thing. I'll get Savage to spread the word."

Rae: "Sounds good."

[Silence falls]

Rae: "Hey, what do you think we'll be doing for entertainment in the future? I mean, if we aren't still throwing axes and peeing on people."

Dagur: *Shrugs* "Who knows. Maybe we'll have some kind of magic that we discover that lets us create worlds to play in. And this magic can be contained in boxes."

Rae: "Oooh! That sounds fun! I like that!"

Dagur: "And we can do what we want in these worlds and we won't be punished for it!"

Rae: "Unless someone decides to make us pay for new stuff for our magic boxes. Like extra worlds or something for silly amounts of gold."

Dagur: "If that happened, I would want to shake that guys hand. He sounds like an evil genius."

Rae: "But, at least make the magic box able to evolve so that we can create better magic boxes."

Dagur: "Yes! And maybe even make it so any worlds we create on the old ones are able to be moved to the new ones!"

Rae: "No."

Dagur: "What?"

Rae: "That's just stupid."

Dagur: "Why? We would spend loads of time creating these things, at least make it so we can use them for longer on the new boxes!"

Rae: "Well, I prefer the idea of these magic boxes being able to store more of our new worlds than the old ones from the older boxes."

Dagur: "Moron! Think of all that time wasted!"

Rae: "Don't you call me a moron!"

Dagur: "Your box sucks and mine would be better!"

Rae: "Yeah, until I piss on it!"

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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