Melvin's Most Helpful Reviews - Return of Freiza Vol. 1

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A curious work by a young Daniel "Vicarious" Glazzie authored many years ago -- a fantastic fanfiction tale in which the mysterious overlord of the universe "Freiza" returns to Earth, to wreak havoc.

Submitted: August 04, 2015

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Submitted: August 04, 2015



Melvin's Most Helpful Reviews - Return of Freiza Vol. 1


In my youth I was an often reader of comic books -- fascinated by super heroes and their heroic exploits. The things a human could do with a little strength serum, a lot of money, super cunning, and incredible futuristic technology, all in the interest of saving their city, their planet, perhaps even the universe, but all boiling down to a will to make it better for all those around them, to better the human race and prosper, in most cases. 


So understand my amazement when I discovered the world of anime and manga, through a very Superman esque hero, except this one wasn't even human. He came from a faraway planet in order to destroy Earth, and yet was to eventually become the savior to it, to rise against all of Earth's enemies and accept Earth as his one true home. A man who was willing to get involved in any fight that was or wasn't his own, on behalf of those weaker.


Yes, I am of course talking about Son Goku, the eponymous hero of the Dragon Ball series. A usually mild mannered man who spends his time when not fighting, honing his martial arts prowess, strengthing his body and mind, spending time with his family, and at times going on mystical adventures throughout the cosmos or reality itself, learning new things from strange unheard of beings. The man has been dead and back many times, but will always arise to the fight when the planet or people he cares about are threatened. 


Enter "Freiza's Return" -- a tale about the revival of the series' arguably most iconic villain, a Tyrant of the entire Galaxy who duped Goku's race into mass genocide of planet's in order to sell them to the highest bidder, the Tyrant who eventually killed all of these "Saiyans" and destroyed their planet in one fell swoop. Needless to say, it's a big deal that he has returned.


The tale opens to childhood friends Son Goku and Krillin in a sparring match at the Kamehouse, the two "Z-Fighters" participatiung in a dance they had thousands of times before. Goku would always get the upper hand and win if he wanted to, as he was simply the much stronger fighter, but it helped both of them likewise to hone their skills and keep the rust at bay in a friendly game of fisticuffs.


Fed up by what was clearly becoming a losing match for Krillin, the world's strongest pure human turned it up to notch eleven, and blindsided Goku with an attack he'd never seen before. "Woah Krillin, you almost hit me into Master Roshi's Dogs!" Goku screamed. Krillin could tell the attack was effective, because Master Roshi was a turtle hermit, he didn't have any dogs.


The force of the impact was so great that Goku had been sent miles away to a nearby island, and nearly hurdled into vicious wild canines that inhabited the archipelago. Of course these animals posed no threat to Goku, was nearly capable at this point of destroying an entire planet should he put in the effort, he was more concerned for the beasts that would just as soon eat him, but that's the sort of man that Goku is, and this interaction shows the deep understanding of the character and indeed, character writing in general, that the author had even at his young age.


The allies of Kamehouse cut their sparring match short in order to prevent loss of life, as surely the next blow would end up causing some minor destruction event that could ravage an ecosystem. They resolutioned to be more careful in the future about sending either eachother or a KI BLAST BEAM™ toward an unsuspecting land mass. 


Of course this point was about to be rendered moot, as Freiza was coming to put an end to Goku and Krillin. Freiza dropped from the sky launching a volley of surprise blasts. The keen senses of Goku and Krillin allow them to dodge out of the way -- but just barely. In another show of brilliant writing, author Daniel "Vicarious" Glazzie has Krillin and Goku deflect attacks that would have struck and damaged Kamehouse -- protecting both their master, Roshi and his humble hermitage.


Unfortunately for our heroes, the KI BLAST BEAM VOLLEY™ was only a distraction to get them to lower their guard and misdirect their attention from the true target -- Krillin himself. Just then Freiza dropped down to the ground at lightning speed and took Krillin by surprise. 


Krillin was never a suitable match for Freiza, whose fighting instincts and killing intent far outweighed his own, in addition to the raw power of his elevated strength level. Krillin managed to defend the first punch, and the second, and narrowly avoid the kick, but he was caught by the swinging pendulum tail of the Tyrant, and thrown off balance. Moving faster than either Goku or Krillin could react, Freiza elbowed Krillin in the 'stomache' and he was dead. 


In an odd reversal of the usual tropes of "Now it's personal", Goku's efforts to avenge his friend are subverted and Freiza is able to get away. Unfortunately we'll never get to know what the plucky "Vicarious" Glazzie intended for us, as he never finished the series. The first volume remains today as some of the best written work on the "Dragon Ball Z" story, even if the work is unofficial and a rare print that is hard to come by. If you can find it, I strongly recommend it, as it is an easy 8/10.


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