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A candid summary and review of the merits to author JDK's self proclaimed story of "alright quality".

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



Mevlin's Most Helpful Reviews - Sidewinder


Sidewinder at its very core is a story of passion, self discovery, rebellion, regret, and redemption. In order to avoid any spoiling or bias in the text, I will refrain from using the names of characters or speaking too much of the specifics of the narrative. This is intended to be a general overview of the premise, plot, and events that take place, along with a dose of opinionated candor on themes present within the literary work itself.


Sidewinder is the tale of a man who was once sure of his identity and the living he had molded for himself throughout his adult life and harsh upbringing as a child. His self identity is challenged and eventually erroded on the job, by a gang of school age kids nonetheless. 


The man was a police officer. He was hired and tasked with a public speaking at the school in order to clean up the misbehaving and downright criminal actions and attitudes of some of the attendants. He was to bring the knowledge of a law enforcement agent along with the stern authority afforded to him by his position. His employers believed in him no more than he did himself, but eventually it becomes clear that even their limited faith was misplaced.


Rather than convince the hooligans of a philosophy he had trained himself to believe in for years, he found the reverse occuring to him. He was pulled in, a solitary observer, through their gate, and into their domain. He was essentially conscripted, indoctrinated into their cause.


Even though he was years older than the teenagers himself, he was given a place among them where he felt like he belonged. This weakness of will, this lack of spirit, this failure to cling to his beliefs. He was divorced from his sense of self and became that which he had sought to root out and destroy. For a minute there, he lost himself, and a long minute it turns out to be.


Of course his former police allies are none too happy that he has taken up with a rebellion and become an outlaw. This reflects badly on all of them, and the hunt becomes personal. The kind of hunt that will surely end in death rather than imprisonment. 


In summation: the powerful premise of the book, and the expertly directed narrative coupled with the very themes of what it means to be human, of how easy it is for one's ideals and identity to be compromised beyond belief or recognition, make this one of my top novels of the last decade. Author JDK is at his most brillant and edifying best with this popular first installment of what is to be his magnum opus series, and I look forward to the sequel set for release soon.

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