Trying To Leave A Party

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About a girl who going to a party with her friend Mirah. That met to boy. They was trying to make this girl do want they want.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



One day I got invented to the biggest party at school. So I ask my friend Mirah did she what to go, Mirah said “yes I will like to go to the party”.
I told Mirah the time of the party,
Mirah said “ I’m going to meet you at the party”.

Time went by and me and Mirah at the party. We start talking to two boys and then Mirah asked the boy their name.
“What y’all name?”.
One of the boys said “my name is Mark and my friends name is Mattew”.
Then Mattew said “ what y’all name”.
My name is Mayah and my friend name Mirah. Mark asked Mirah to dance. So Mirah and Mark start dancing. Then I start talking to Mattew.
Mattew said “do you want to dance?”
Yeah i would like to dance with you. Me and Mattew start dancing.

(10 minutes went by)

We stop dancing the Mattew said “I’m about to found mark”.
Rd see you later.
Then I start walking around and a boy ask me “do you want to take a puff of this weed”.
rd why not.
Then i took a couple puffs, and then walk off.

Then the boy Mattew ask me “do you want some liquar.
“why not it good”
I’m just going to get a soda.
Then he ask me “do you want some off this X’s.”
Hell no
(he tryed to make her take it)

Then I kick him in the nuts. My this time I was half way out the house unit i heard Mirah calling my name “Meme help me”. My now  Mirah was getting pulll in a room. I tryed banging on the door but he wouldn’t let me in. So I decide to scream fire, then every body start running out the house and then I grab my friend Mirah and then we went to my house. Then when I got home I went to sleep.

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