Life Unfinished.

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Submitted: December 09, 2014

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Submitted: December 09, 2014



I remember when I was little and we'd take trips to Tenessee to see my family.

I loved the way it was out there. The sky was so blue, and in the summer it wasn't so hot. There was a breeze and I remember how happy i'd feel to be outside. Maybe outside just faded away with my childhood. We used to go explore the woods behind my grandmothers house. The mountains we wern't used to. I can still feel it. Even when we'd go in the fall in winter I can still remember how it felt to be there. It was a conforting feeling, a feeling that I miss. It was happiness to. This feeling has come many other times, but most were when I was younger. 

I can't stand to go outside, go anywhere really, without drugs. It's not even that its hard drugs, I just spend my days trying to get high and not feel. That became my purpose. But when did that become my purpose. When did I lose myself or become this person? When did I change? It's all the little things along the way. Thats why we don't see how far down the rabbit hole we've really fallen until we've hit the bottom. 

I've got these words I want to get out. I wanna talk

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