Corky's Wild Day

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The most embarrassing day I ever spent with my dog!

The day I lost my dog in the grocery store lobby was one of the most embarrassing moments in our lives together. I was just about to open my car door and zoom away when Corky sneaked out from behind me. I let out a scream that could be heard all across town, but it didn’t phase the little speedster - he led those bag boys on an exciting chase through their store after two exiting customers left the automatic door open. Corky, pausing for only a moment, dashed inside the grocery store, his little legs pumping madly.

After closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I began to pray that the dog would not smell raw meat in the refrigerated compartments at the back of the store. A mental image of Corky jumping on top of the meat crossed my mind with fear that he would feast away into what seemed like an endless supply of food!

The tile of the grocery store floor was covered in layers of wax that made it shine. The wax also made it very slippery, and my dog and the bag boys slid around corners during the chase. It reminded me of a slapstick movie. I tried to muffle my laughter at the antics, as I didn’t feel it was appropriate at the time, but later at home, as I recalled the incident, I let loose retelling the story.

Corky finally slid around a corner into the arms of one of the boys who delivered him to my arms. I thanked the boy profusely and carried my pup to the car. The mortification over the incident made it impossible for me ever to visit that store again. I’m just thankful my dog didn’t end up in puppy prison.

Submitted: November 18, 2022

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Sweet little story..Well done! The little buggers are fast aren't they!

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 10:54am

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