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Its about a young man who has many tensions and responsibilities in his life,sometimes in his meditation he is negative,but he is hopeful never do anything which can be unadjustable for his family,he is caring and not selfish,very slowly he is moving towards his wanted destiny.

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



Darkness is everywhere,it is silent and calm now,i am not fearful,but i am getting late for my office work,Boss is too much haughty,always crying like a round alarm-clock,without stopping until i make me awake!

Sometimes i enjoy his different dimensionsal face masks,especially in anger he looks funny to me,i dont know much about my collegues' perceptions.I am already late,letsenjoy with me varied tunes.look at me with a new face...i am trying to read.oh he seems Happy now,woderful!Good evening sir!...good eve. boy you are getting more punctual,hmm,always one hour late.I am thinking of awarding you on it,what do you say?No,sir!you know it,i am more fast in making calls and cases than others,everynight i get a bonus sir!.Yes,but think by adding this missing hour you can make more?yes!but i AM  not willing,i get my pay its enough for my studies.

NO! you can have accounts boy think broadly,anyhow,i've a good news for our all staff. Yes sir? Right now no calls,no clients,we are going for a special dinner in a five star hotel.

Everybody ready...? yessss sir!!!we all are.

This is a good time to enjoy and make happy your eyes,pressurize to your stomach and move your bellies.Sir! I cant make it, I am not going because i am tired,can you allow me to go home back?

NO!Thats not possible,didn't you know?,i am announcing something important there,good for all of you.Get ready children!

Sir, i am tired and i've to prepare for my presentation.Boy i think you are a good speaker,so dont worry.But i Dont know anything about the topic?

This is not my problem,you already have too many leaves,so do cooperate with us,no more excuses please...O.K sir...

Dont know whan we were there,i think its was darkness that didn't allow me to be there mentally with all.All are enjoying babeque with soft drinks,its tasteless...

Now Boss is going to deliver the goodnews,i am excited,yahoooo...

Are you all ready for  an explosion?all voices merged,yyyessss!!!AS you are all selected best workers in the call center services,company has decided to tranfer you into the headquarter of NY, i mean new york district!I am struck!dont know its happiness or something creeping within my brain,about to fall.

NO SIR! what no boy?are you not happy? sir,i think i dont have the right to be happy and i shouldn't be here tonight for i dont deserve this goodnews.can i go to home now?

i can never understand how many problems you get,its difficult to argue with you,you may go now,the announcement has beeb delivered,go and think on it.

ok,good night!

I am back to my way to home,my mother is my only caretaker there,with my two tiny siblings always say me,brother come here and watch this hero resembles you.For them i amm a HERO,for my mom i am still a child,but what i am for me?i am dependent to my family...its my dream to go abroad,but now i am an only caretaker of my little family.this thing makes me smile amd happy that i am doing something like a hero for my family,no regrets!Hopefully i will enjoy my life wholly as others do,but with my family,time is not far...

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