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My reaction to "Will you Marry Me?"

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009



I love him.  I smiled at my boyfriend, who was sitting beside me on the couch.  I had just gotten off of work at the bar, and probably smelt like a mix of alcohol and grease, and yet he was still right there, cuddling with me.  He loved me.  I smiled at him.  I would really miss him tomorrow night.  But it is Christmas, and I have to spend the holiday with my Grandma.  I know, if I didn't, she would pretend to be okay with it, but it would really hurt her.  I smiled at him, as I snuggled closer.  I couldn't get any closer.

"You know I love you, right?" He asked me slowly.  He was nervous.  What the hell did he do?

"Of course." I answered curiously.  "I love you too."

"But you know I love you?  I mean really love you.  I'm head over heals for you.  I couldn't live without you.  I can't imagine my life without you.  There's no way." He was looking at me now.  He looked serious, making me worry.

"Of course.  And I feel the same way about you." I reassured him.

"And you're sure you want to marry a fool like me?" He asked, but it was no big deal.  We'd talked about it many times in the past year.  We'd tried being apart, at my fault, and had realized its not an option.  We're each miserable without the other person.  And no matter the problem, we'd get through it together.

"Of course." I answered.  I loved him for his faults.  I thought they were cute, like the clumsiness, and forgetfulness.  They made him who he was.

"Then I guess I should do this the right way." He said, taking a deep breath.  I was shocked for a moment, as what he was doing clicked in.  He moved from his place on the couch beside me onto the floor in front of me, in the traditional kneeling position.  "Will you marry me?" he asked, as he pulled out a ring box and opened it.  I didn't even look at the ring.

And I froze.  I wanted to say yes, but I was worried about the expression on his face.  He looked so nervous, and so worried, and almost as if he was going to throw up.  He needed to relax.  I needed to comfort him.

"Oh you need a hug and a kiss." I leaned forward, not realizing I hadn't answered him aloud.

I gripped on and hugged him, and we stayed that way for a minute before he spoke. "So is that a no?" He asked in a whisper, confused.

"Of course I'll marry you." It clicked. "You just looked so freaked .."

He interupted me by pulling me into a kiss.

"I thought that was your way of letting me down." He explained later on that evening as we cuddled, once again.

I smiled at him. "Of course not.  I just didn't want you to throw up.  My first thought was yes.  But the reaction was to calm you down." I explained.

He laughed at me.  He still laughs at me.  As does everyone he tells, considering it seems as though my main concern was him throwing up on me instead of me marrying him. 

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