Endings for me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's more of a song... don't worry though I'm not one to be


So what?

This is it?

She’s there,

I’m here.


So what?

I’m just this.

I see me,

I see you,

Why don’t you?

I can’t look at you,

I can’t talk to you.

You broke me!

When I trusted you.

So what?

I look at my reflection,



I know,

I’m cursed.

You’re the beauty,

I’m the beast.

I step out of line,

And you push me off the edge.


I step down,

I want to lie down.

Lose control feel the burn.

Get lost in the moments,

Lost in the pain.

I want you to play

My game.

Fuck you!

Fuck me!

Who’s who,

To say what’s reality

Drop the act,

The shame,

The play.

I see past the curtain,

And not one day

Have I not known


The real you.

Into the darkness,

Out of the spotlight.

Now everything changes,

One on one,

Just me and you.

Now everything said is true.

I'd steal you away,

But you hide in the crowd.

I’d tell you today,

But you stand to proud.

You’re so confusing,

Stay out of my mind.

The time that you’re using,

Is fucking mine

Give it back, give it back...


Give it back, give it back.


Throw yourself out,

Set yourself down.

For once tell the truth,

Stop fooling around.

Now you give me this pain,

And I must accept.


I’m left with so many wishes,


I wish I could fall back into

A deep black abyss.

Or drown in the tears on

My pillow.

I wish I was brave enough

To grab the gun again.

Or finish pushing that knife.

I’m sick of trying

Tired of crying

Yeah I’m smiling

But inside I’m dying.

I wish you’d all just

Back off.

And people weren’t like

Mad dogs.

None of these wishes,

Will come true.

And no thanks to you.

I’ll just leave one more

Scar on my wrist.


This is it


You’re such a bitch!

This is it,

This is it.

You little bitch.

Your there,

While I'm sitting here.

Drowning in the tears,

That always seem to

Wash away.

I want to,

Step down

And be through.

I want to lose control.

I want to feel the burn.

Get lost in the moments,

Lost in the pain.

I want you to pay.

It’s your fucking turn.

I’ve played your game,

A thousand times over,


My life is your death,

My death is your life,

Through my pain

And through my tears you


You chew me up,

And spit me out,

I’m just your toy for now.


Think that.

But it’s your time,

Your turn.

Play my game.

Feel my pain.

Turn off the lights,

Take off the mask,

I’ll show you true fright,

Take a seat in my class.

Don’t try to show me your ass,

You little bitch.

I wish I was brave enough

To grab the gun.

To push the knife.

To have some fun,

In this miserable life.

Sick of trying,

Tired of crying.

Yeah I'm smiling,

But inside I’m dying.

Thanks to you,

I’ll leave one more

Scar on my wrist,


Submitted: April 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Memow. All rights reserved.

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