Teen Problems

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A teenage girl trying to decide between a popular good looking guy and a shy, cute unnoticed guy. she doesnt like making decisions, which one will she decide will she pick any at all?

Submitted: February 19, 2014

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Submitted: February 19, 2014



I was nervous. It was a new semester and my class had a lot of new people that I didnt know, the school had a major amount of schedule changes and I was upset because I dont like dealing with change but lucky my two best friends stayed in the same class. The teacher understood how nervous everyone felt and said we could sit where ever we wanted so of course I sat in front of my two best friends who sat next to eachother and the chair next to me was empty and a chair away sat some kid I didnt know. Well I was scared to see the other people in her other classes since it was only first period, as I was on my way to my second period class (Pe) I saw a guy with hazel eyes, short curl brown hair, and a perfect facial structure, I thought he was absolutely gorgoues. I found out that her was in the same pe period as me but not the same class. Well I let it go Because I thought "someone like that wont know someone like me exist". I continued on and my other classes went by the same as first period did, then I got to sixth period I went to class right before the bell rang, the teacher said to sit at the back on the lonely chair for now and to wait til she calls role, I saw my brothers best friend,

I smiled and said "Hi" and he replied with a smile and said 

"Did you know your brother sits right there" and points to a chair a desk away from him.

My heart stopped and my skin felt cold and at that exact moment my brother walks in to the room and has a malicious smile on his face.

"Well would you look whos here" he said heading for the desk next to his friend, "I didnt know they let retards in this class",

my heart was pounding, i was scared of him, i knew for a fact that i was gonna get it when i home, he was going to humiliate me in class and beat me up and home. Not really hurt me but the usaul bullying you get from your older siblings. He was only two years older than me but still acted like he was my dad. The bell rang and class started the teacher was taking role by her seating chart and noticed that my brother wasnt sitting in the right chair,

"Ummm Michael, you sit a chair away from Omar not next to him", my brother got up and moved, a few minutes later she said

"Mary the only chair available is the one next to omar and Michael, so go ahead and move",

Great i was sitting in between my brother and his best friend. The period went by with a "your slow" and "you suck" and "let me borrow your pencil", and since it was the last class of the day i was anxious to leave. when i got out of class i headed straight to the car, my mom is always there early, my brother went to talk to his friends, so when i got there i said hi to my mom and my sister, i was expecting the worse from my brother, but he got in the car and said "Chill that was my last day in that class, they switched my schedule", i immediatley felt relieved. Days went on and i got used to the people in my classes, in first period i just talked to two people, my best friends, the rest of the periods i met new people and i got along with them very well, in fourth period they guys there cant stop flirting with me, i find it a little flattering so i dont really mind, yes it gets annoying but i deal with it. So in sixth period we got new seating charts and now i sit next to my friend and in front of me a shy, inteligent guy with dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a nice build, he was highly attractive. i found him very interesting, he would turn around and look at me then turn back really fast, then i smiled one time and he smiled back and turned around even faster, i had no idea how he thought i could always make a pretty good guess on why people behaved in a certain way but he was unusaul, he turned around once and looked at me and my pencil for a while, i didnt turn around to look at him this time just to see how long he would stare, then takes out lead from his pencil and gives it to me, i froze and a while later said thanks. Unfortunately i had different size lead so my friend took it. A week later i found out he had a crush on me and i was so excited, he was very smart and attractive, i was very lucky. But then one day me and my friend were having lunch and she said

"Hey mary what do you think about that guy" and she pointed to the guy i saw on my way to Pe, i blushed a little, smiled and looked down on the floor.


"Well he thinks your cute and would love to go out with you", my heart started beating like crazy and i freaked out!

"What?! how do you know?!",

"He sits next to me and he asked if Mary is single and it went on from there"



"But how does he know my name?, how does he know i exist?" 

"Mary youre a very pretty girl, maybe thats how"

"No thats not it", i personal dont think im attractive but what girl does.

"Well do you like him?"

" Ive never talked to him"

 "Well hes very funny and sweet".


So now i was stuck between these two beautiful guys. i wanted to keep this a secret so i didnt tell anybody. The next day in first period my two best friend started flooding me with questions,

"What are you gonna do?! Doesnt that other guy like you to?! Omg do you feel like bella?!"

"Wow wow wow guys how do you guys know about that?"

"Well you told us about the blonde guy but natalie told us about the other guy"

"Well it doesnt matter, none of them have asked me out yet", "Well When they do", "ill worry when they do but until then ill ignore it".

Days past and still none have asked me out and in the mean time my friends were freaking out in first period, i was an the same page as them to, i was tired of waiting so in first period we would talk about my problems, which was a little selfish of me but they didnt mind. Valentines day was coming up and natalie told me that he was planning on asking me to be his valentine and i didnt really believe that he was since hes been saying he was going to ask me out for a while and never really got to it. What made valentines day any different? Valentines Day came around and wow what a surpise he didn't do anything, and of course neither did the shy one. Well i decided this is enough im just going to stop waiting and get over it, pretend that these people never existed. It was a Monday and i came in to find that my friends, the only people i talked to in that class, weren't there. The guy that sat a desk away from me, he had dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a very nice, friendly smile, he started talking to me,



"Your friends didn't come today"

"Ummm ya i guess not"

"I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you since you guys are always in your boy convertations"

Oh my god, my face turned red i was burning up, i was so embarressed, "Oh you can hear that"

"Umm no not all the time, you guys are kind of loud, i mean i dont eavesdrop, its just..."

"No its fine, i know we're a little loud, i just never thought of all of the people that can hear"

"Uh do you need help with that?"

I looked down at my blank page, it was my biology homework that i didn't do "Do you have biology?"

"Ya i can help you if you want"


First period was english i have finished all my work ahead of time and i finished my biology homework as well thanks to Jake, i never noticed how attractive he was until that day. 



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