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Just some writing I had laying around...

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



I take this old knife and press it to my skin.
And when I do the relief comes and sets in.
While I hide the scars underneath my pretty clothes,

I cry:
Can you bleed like me?

Holding this breath between my digits.
I breathe in deep while the fumes inhibit
Scowling at all those scarlet lies.
While I growl:
Hey, can you bleed like me?

Destruction is my brand new drug.
Dancing in the dark has never been so fun!
It's better off than burning up in a hell like the sun.

And I sing:
Hey, baby, can you bleed like me?

Everything looks dangerous.
And no one keeps their promises.
So I am always running-

Handcuffed in these past events,
Viewing variations of all violence.

The mind games and all the pretty girls;
A repeating song in this lost world.

I fuel the fire that feeds my soul
I long to love, but till then i'lljust roam

Every day someone else is dying
Every day i live everyone around me is lying
They say they don't need eachother,
But in the end, they all end up on someones deathbed crying

Now look me in the eye,
As I'm about to leave,

Can you live your life without me?

It must be nice,
To be so sure,
And to never feel insecure.
It must feel good to always believe,
That you simply think you know all,
And then easily deceive.

Now I just don't care.
I've reached the end of my rope.
No one cares anymore.
Lying is the latest trend
And I can't watch you lie to yourself...
If you can't believe in me,
Then there's no point to my stay

Things don't have to be this way.
So if you find your lies fail I'll be there onthe greyest of days

Now, listen to me leave over long stretched lies

As I turn my back to your heart

Can you say goodbye like me?

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