the end through a virus

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An apocalyptic possibility

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



“Are you ready?”  He was tall, olive-skinned, short dark hair with stunning steel blue eyes.  At first glance a handsome man, but it was cold steel that shone out of his eyes.

“Yes,” was the only reply the man gave.  His life was now short.  With this answer, he had reduced his own life-span to 7 days.  He looked into the cold eyes of his superior and was glad that the end would come so soon.

“At 01.30 on Monday next week the bomb will detonate.  It is already armed so do not linger here.  Go to your assigned city.”

Those were the last words the courier heard or cared to listen to.  He left the room, took the elevator to street level, grabbed the next bus to the train station, the next train to the airport and was flying to his final destination in under 2 hours of leaving the room.

9 other men were sent to 9 other locations in exactly the same manner.  The handsome man (who the couriers called Ice) was not amongst those who would give up their lives.  Oh no, he wanted to control lives, he wanted power.  His superiors believed that he was a faithful follower of the cause.  If they had known his thoughts, they would never have entrusted him with this mission.  Ice had sent the 10 men as ordered, but he had also sent out an additional two who would go to the cities where the leaders were.

Monday came.  At 01.30 Greenwich meantime, 12 bombs of incredible destructive force were detonated.  The explosion was intense, but limited to a small space.  In 12 cities, 12 men instantly died as their bodies exploded.  Each man had been told to be at a very specific place: an airport ventilation centre, a railway terminal, a baseball match, etc.  Each explosion released a chemical compound into the air.  The air-born disaster was odourless and very, very contagious.  After only 10 minutes the virus had spread over a 1 kilometer radius, and each infected person would carry the virus further.  The incubation period was 12 hours and would reduce itself by 1 hour with each new generation of infected people.

12 hours after the initial release, over 200,000 people around the world exploded.  11 hours later another 2 million exploded.  And then 10 hours later 2 billion died.  Within 1 ½ days almost half the world’s population was gone.  There had been no physical suffering for those who died, no pain, but there had been chaos everywhere.

Of the 3 billion people remaining, almost one billion was killed in the ensuing mayhem.  Paranoia and fear made enemies of everyone.  No family or friend remained – everyone feared everyone else.  People killed for a loaf of bread, for a face mask – gas masks were torn off the faces of the dead – there was no reason left.

3 days after the original release the world was practically empty of people.  The organizers of this catastrophe had greatly underestimated the effectiveness of their ‘weapon’ and had paid the ultimate price for their mistake.  Ice survived long enough to see the destruction of everything he knew and of everything that he had hoped to control.

When he felt the end approaching, he smiled.

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