Forgotten (Contest Entry)

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A short story I attempted for Middle Child Challenge!!, hosted by Shellie Burg. Originally, I had typed out different scenarios having to do with emotions, but because I could not choose between them, I simply left the story as it was. Enjoy! :)

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012





It’s tough being the middle child.

My older and younger brothers get all the attention, all the time.  No one ever notices me.

“Ah, Abel, well done,” they would always say to my older brother.  No one has ever told me I had done well.

“Oh, Zared,” they would tsk at my younger brother, “that was very naughty of you.”  No one had ever told me that I had been naughty.

In fact, no one ever tells me anything.  No one ever notices when I am there or someplace else.  No one cares…I am Forgotten.




It’s tough being the middle child.

All my life, no one has paid much attention to me.  I’ve always been overshadowed by my older sister, my younger brother.  The perfect ones.

Don’t they know that I’m still here?  I want attention, too.  I want as many friends as they have, too.  I want to be my sister.  I want to be my brother.  I want to be anyone but me.  It’s not fair.

I am Envious.





It’s tough being the middle child.

My brothers and sisters excel at everything they do, whereas I do not.  Therefore, they get much more attention than I do.  Everyone loves them, yet no one loves me.  No one notices the way I cry into my pillow at night, the way I stand at the edge of the circle of friends.  I do not fit in.  No one will help me.

I am Lonely.





It’s tough being the middle child.

Why do they get everything that they want, and I get nothing?  I hate my life!  It’s not fair, it’s not fair!  I didn’t ask to be born, I didn’t ask for my younger sister to be born!  I hate it!

All my life, they got everything they asked for, and when I want something, they either outright ignore me or tell me ‘no.’  I hate them!  I hate them all!

I am Angry.


“What the heck are you writing?”

I paused in my typing to look over my shoulder at my younger brother, Zared.  “What are you writing?” I replied casually, returning my serious gaze to the computer screen.  When he did not reply, but still stood there, I sighed heavily.  “I’m typing a short story for a contest I’m entering on Booksie.”

“What about?”

“It’s about get the heck out of my room.”


“Because you’re annoying, that’s why…Oh,” I smirked.  “There’s another emotion:  Annoyed.”





It’s tough being the middle child.

Even though my older sibling has moved out, my younger one is still here to annoy the heck out of me.  And of course, I’m the one who always gets in trouble.  I suppose I could learn to be less sarcastic and take the edge out of my voice, but there’s just no dealing with this JERK.

I am Annoyed.


“That’s stupid,” Zared said blatantly.

I rolled my eyes.  “Go away.”


I opened my mouth to yell at him in irritation, then checked myself.  I would ignore him.  That solves everything.

“Oh, so you’re ignoring—stop typing everything I’m saying—MEN-TIS!”  With an aggravated moan, he stormed back out of my room.

“What was that about?” asked Abel, stepping into my room.

“Typing,” I grunted in reply.

“Typing what?”

I sighed again.  “I’m entering a contest on Booksie.”

“What kind?”

“About being a middle child.”

“Cool.  You’ll know all about it, then.”

“Yeah.  Out.”

He left.




It’s tough being the middle child.

Especially when your older brother forgets to lock the bathroom door and you walk in to find him doing something of unspeakable horror.  Imagine a wild animal pawing itself.

I am Scarred.  For life.



I scrolled back up to the top and reread what I had written.  I tried to decide which beginning I wanted to use for my short story entry, but I could not.

So I changed the title.

But A Compilation of Various Emotions Felt by a Middle Child that Became the Actual Story seemed too long and weird. 

So I changed it back to Forgotten.

All of these emotions I have felt in my life as a middle child, and I’m sure there are thousands more I have and certainly will feel in the future.  In reality, I have an older brother (who refuses to move out) and two younger brothers, though the youngest one I can’t stay mad at. 

Every situation I have placed above was based off of a situation in my own life.  Some I am not particularly proud of…Well, I’m not proud of any of them, but we all have flaws, right?  If I could have chosen amongst the situations, I would have had a much more interesting story, wouldn’t I?  But it’s simply impossible, and so you’ll have to settle for this one.

So there.

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