Mentis Cibum's Bucket List

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A few things I want to do before I die...Not in any particular order.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



1. When arriving at the bottom of an escalator, scream, "MY SHOELACES!! AAGH!!"

2. Walk into a bank or convenience store, wait until it gets pretty crowded, then yell, "NOBODY MOVE!...I lost a contact lens..."

3. Date someone for more than three weeks.

4. Become a manga artist/art teacher/author/comedian.

5. Become a foster mother.

6. Make a police officer laugh at a donut joke if by chance I get pulled over.

7. Survive high school bullies and pray I'm top dog in college.

8. Discover that I have superpowers and become evil.

9. Use my powers to wipe out insects and arachnids.

10. Learn Japanese, French, Spanish, and Latin.

11. Move to Japan.

12. Dye my hair black with lavender and blue highlights.

13. Wear a kimono to prom, which halfway through I rip off to reveal my ninja costume and throw smoke bombs into the crowd, then disappear out the skylight.

14. Go to a cosplay convention.

15. Defeat at least one of my brothers at video games.

16. Make my own religion that only I can follow, written in my gibberish language.

17. Learn to swim.

18. Discover the true meaning of life.

19. Join the battle to legalize gay marriage.

20. Afford a laptop.

21. Afford a phone with a chargable batterry.

22. Win a non-academic award.

23. Memorize my locker combination, student ID, and Booksie password.

24. Learn to make rice balls.

25. Remember to tell my friends to warn their mothers that I will die if I ingest fish.

26. Finish this list.

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