My Religious Rant

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Just a rant about religion. Not a lot of people know this, but instead of keeping everything locked inside, writing down what bothers you is a good way to relieve stress. After scrawling this down on a sheet of paper, I decided to post it up. It really made me feel better. :)

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



My Religious Rant


First things first: I am an atheist. And before you try to tell me that "atheanism" is a religion, let me ask you this: Is hair color a race? So do please refrain from telling me about how "mighty and glorious" your god is.

I’ll admit that some concepts of religion intrigue me, such as Greek myths and angels and demons—but I refuse to believe in them. They are like children’s books to me: fun to read, and imagination-inducing.

Now, I’m not just dissing others’ beliefs. If you are easily offended, I suggest you leave this page now. But when you tell me that I’m going to "Hell" for not worshipping some all-powerful being whose name no one even bothered to come up with, or that I’ll burn for eternity for being lesbian, it makes me angry. It makes me especially angry when it comes from hypocrites. "Good Samaritans" don’t harrass others—not even online.

I believe that one of the ten commandments is: "Thou shalt not kill." Correct me if I’m wrong, but if that came from God himself, who is supposedly pure and the embodiment of all that is good, why would he suddenly turn back and say, "Go kill the residents of Jericho."?

Honestly, I do think that Jesus, Moses, and Muhammed (and whoever else was a proclaimed "Messiah") could have been real. But I also want to note that back then, people must have been smoking some funny things to come up with talking, flaming bushes, walking on water, and turning water into wine.

There are some people who hold that aliens came down from the sky and posed as gods and deities, which to me, frankly, makes more sense than actual gods. Furthermore, there is the concept of time travel. I mean, looking back at several occurances and documents in history, you have to admit that some cultures had some technology that shouldn’t have been possible, and even religious leaders can’t make a believable excuse for it. For instance, the ancient Egyptians had light bulbs of some kind, and had beaten da Vinci to aerodynamics. Remember when Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt and into the desert and they received that covenant thing? They reported that people who came into contact with it (namely the ones who carried it around) began to lose their hair and nails, experienced vomiting and nausea, etc.—the exact symptoms of radiation poisoning, meaning that whatever was inside that covenant, which provided their food and they cleaned on the Sabbath day, had to have been some sort of advanced machine. So yes, I’ll take aliens and time-travelling astronauts over "God" any day.

Ah, not done yet! My next topic is: Why do you keep shoving your petty religions on me?

If I want to burn in Hell, it’s my choice, thank you! You don’t have to "save" me. If I can hold my own against three brothers, I can certainly handle "Satan." If you ask me, Satan is a little misunderstood, providing he actually did exist. Everyone blames him for everything bad. Need I remind you that God invented circumcision? How’s that for evil? I’m a girl, but it’s a scary concept for even me. And also, men who blame the fall of "Eden" on women: It took Satan disguised as a serpent to convince Eve to eat the fruit, but only a woman holding food to convince Adam. So stop with your sexism already! Although, sexism goes both ways, so women need to stop with that also.

Okay, I’m done now. There’s so much more that I could rant on about, but I think it can wait for another day.

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