I am over you

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Sometimes may think that you are over him/her , but you never really know until you see your reaction when you see him/her with anyone else , you never really know until you heart tells you so , by it's beats you'll figure it out , and you'll just know for sure you be needing to convince yourself ...you'll just know.

Submitted: November 28, 2014

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Submitted: November 28, 2014



I realised something that day , well I actually realised  it days ago but it wasn't until yesterday that I thought about it .

I am  over you , and i am not trying to convince myself  , I am not ,  but that's just how I feel 

I saw you and my heart stayed inside my chest , it's beat didn't get any faster,.

I saw you with that other girl and I just couldn't care less ; I don't find your voice attractive anymore I actually think that it is quite annoying now and you just need to shut up .

And I can't believe how  stupid I was last year for ever thinking that you're perfect and that I just love everything about you , I can't believe that I ever liked that haircut of yours !

I never think about you anymore, and when I look at you , I just remember how insane I was back then .

I am only focusing on what is important now , and maybe there is someone  new in my life , well he was in my life and  luckily  he's not around anymore , but that's a different thing ,well  at least he was nice to me ,and you , you were just mean and arrogant  and I guess it wasn't until now that I realised it , but thanks ,at least  I learned from you how easily I can get over anyone , I just realised how strong I can be .

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