I can't fake a smile anymore.

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What I feel

Every night  I tell myself before   I  go to sleep   that everything is  going  to be fine tomorrow , and when I wake  up I find myself lost  again  , unable to keep my  promises .

I feel heavy .

 I need   to control   myself  ,   I  need   a  knife.

Maybe if I give up   I won't think as much as I do now.

But I can't give up , I should stay , if not for me then for my mother .

But I am tired and sad and what is killing me is that I can't cry !

Like there is  something  in my throat strangling and  keeping me from breathing .

I sometimes look in the mirror and smile just to  see if anyone could notice .

But I don't want to fake a smile anymore  ,I really don't .



Submitted: November 04, 2013

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