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Jack and Jess runaway from abusive homes. the story follows them through the trials they come across after leaving home.
it is still unfinished.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013




Jack and Jess



'Today.' Jack thought. Today was the day he had been waiting for. Today he would run away from home. He had been planning this with Jess for a year, ever since his mother had died.

* One Year Ago*

He had known it was coming. She would run herself ragged trying to keep Jack's father happy, something that was doomed from the start.

It seemed inevitable to Jack that his mother would end up sick.

When she developed a tumor in her brain his father left her alone in her hospital bed; he was more concerned about where he would find money for booze.

Jack visited his mother every day for a month while his father watched T.V and ate what little food Jack managed to buy.

He was the only person in the room when she died. Jack held her hand as she struggled to breathe and felt the strength in her grip begin to ebb. He cried as he asked her not to go, to not leave him alone with his dad.

He watched as her chest hitched as she drew breath to speak.

I'm sorry sweetheart. I love you.” she whispered.

I love you too, mom. Please don't die.” he cried, staring into her eyes as if that would hold her there.

She smiled faintly and said “I'll miss you..”

He sobbed incoherently, watching as her smile faded and her eyes lost their spark, becoming lifeless.

He sat very still while the heart monitor seemed to scream at him. He stared at it as the line continued to remain flat. His eyes became dull and emotionless as his tears stopped flowing.

He had no idea how long he sat that way, holding his mother's still warm hand, before the nurses came in and began to shut off the machines.

They gently removed Jack's hand from his mother's and helped him to his feet. His mind became hazy as they took him from his mother-his only real family- and walked him to the waiting area, where they left him with a single nurse.

I'll call your father.” the nurse, who seemed older than the others-at least fifty- with her greying blonde hair and crows feet, spoke softly as she touched him lightly on the shoulder. “He can come say his goodbyes and take you home.”

Jack blinked at her, uninterested in what she had to say. The nurse turned away and picked up the phone, giving Jack the opportunity to walk quietly to the elevators before anyone could stop him.

He looked back toward the nurse as the door opened. He could see the confusion she felt in the way she gripped the receiver in her hand.

'She must have gotten a hold of my father.' he thought.

He shrugged his shoulders, his mind indifferent to everything. He stepped into the elevator, his eyes on the nurse as the doors closed.


As if it wasn't bad enough that he had to work to support himself and his father-while he wasn't busy with school- after his mother died, he also had to put up with his father's drunken stupors. He was fed up.

Only two things had stopped him from leaving; he couldn't drive and he was afraid of being alone-until now.

Neither of those excuses worked anymore. He had a license-as well as a van for his things- and his best friend by his side.

She had come to him crying, telling him she needed out of this place. She couldn't take her mother's verbal torture-she would never be good enough- or her brother's 'playful fighting'. The latter leaving her with large, ugly bruises. Although Jack thought the emotional scars may hurt worse than the physical, even if he couldn't see them.

Jack walked quietly past his father's prone form on the shabby couch in what was left of the living room.

The house had slowly become a war zone. His dad's fists had taken large chunks out of the drywall when he was angry. It had left the walls looking like Swiss cheese.

Jack hoped he could get his things outside before his dad woke up. It would take at least four more trips.

Thankfully they had been slowly storing their things in the garage over the past week, minimizing what they would have to carry out of their rooms that night. Jack thanked whatever power was at work that his dad never went in the garage.

He opened the screen door as quietly as he could, wincing at the groan it gave, propping it open with the box in his hands before returning to the landing where the rest of his things were waiting.

'I'm glad it's summer,' he thought to himself. 'at least the air outside isn't cold. Dad should stay asleep as long as nothing makes too much noise.'

He looked at the mattress leaning against the wall. It was a risk, one that he wasn't quite comfortable with. It would make more noise than the boxes when he tried to get it out of the house. But he and Jess would need somewhere to sleep, so he would have to risk it, though he hoped it wouldn't be too loud as it thumped down the flight of stairs. If his father caught him it wouldn't be just the drywall that took a beating.

He grabbed the end of the mattress and slowly dragged it down the first few stairs cursing the fact that they were carpeted. They made scratching noises when he moved the mattress over it.

He stayed still for a moment, listening for signs of his dad. When he heard nothing he dragged the rest of the mattress onto the stairs,grimacing when the far end hit the top stair rather loudly.

He began to panic, sure his father would wake up. Trying to keep it from the wall where the pictures his mother had hung years ago still rested, he allowed the mattress to slide in front of him. He held onto it lightly and guided it to the bottom.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he placed it against the wall beside the door and collected the rest of his things. He placed them in the driveway, pulling the mattress out last, and removed the box from the door.

He did not lock the door behind him, it wasn't his house anymore. He smiled to himself as he opened the side door to the garage.


I woke with a start. The nightmare had been so real.


My mom had been awake for work earlier than normal and had caught us as we tried to escape. She had woken my brother and Jack's father. They had beaten Jack unconscious while my mother had laid into me.

You ungrateful, spoiled, selfish little brat! Why on earth would you try to run away? When have I ever given you a reason to run away? I work hard to provide for this family and all you ever do is cry and cause trouble! You're a horrible child,only ever thinking of yourself! You never used to be like this. Jack had been a bad influence on you from the start! I forbid you to ever speak to him again!” she grabbed my arm, pulling me toward our house. “You'll be grounded for three months. No T.V, no cell phone or laptop. You'll be confined to your room, do you understand me? We'll talk about allowing you out of your room after that.”


As my heartbeat returned to normal i sighed, feeling ridiculous. My mom was still in bed, she had gone to bed later than usual preparing for a meeting at her client's home in North Bay. It always felt ironic to me that her job was to help rehabilitate people recovering from physical injuries when she was constantly causing me emotional ones.

She was very good at putting up a facade around strangers. I used to wish that mask stayed in place at home. Maybe then my father wouldn't have left. He was the only protection I had from her.

My alarm rang then, startling me from my thoughts. I scrambled out of bed to shut it off. Thankfully my mom's room was at the opposite end of the house, separated from mine by my brother's. We had picked the perfect time to leave town. My brother-who was like my own personal prison guard- had gone to spend the night with his girlfriend. I was relatively safe. Not that I ever felt safe in that place.

The world always seemed dull and grey when I was there. Freedom was limited. It didn't seem to come around very often in my world.

I glanced at the clock-four am-. We had two hours to finish packing and go. I shook my head at the door to my closet-now devoid of anything except old toys and clothes that didn't fit-before heading into my en-suite bathroom. I showered quickly, aware that every second I stood there was a second lost, and a second closer to my mother's alarm going off.

I picked up my shampoo, breathing in the familiar scent of raspberries. It reminded me of my father and I when I was young. He used to take me berry picking. I sobbed quietly as I lathered and rinsed my hair. I missed him more than I cared to admit.

I dried off with my green fluffy towel,taking comfort in the softness of it.

After I rubbed my hair dry ( a blow dryer was too risky.) I placed my towel and shampoo on top of my pajamas in one of the boxes I had packed after my mother had fallen asleep.

I pulled on my sweater and track pants as I thought of what still needed to be packed. It occurred to me that Jack may not pack his own towel. I opened my bedroom door carefully, avoiding the creak it made when opened too quickly.

The hall closet had a sliding door and was less noisy. I took three more towels, all of my favorites. They felt like clouds-or what I had always thought they would feel like. I hugged them tightly to my body, thinking about what else could be taken without catching my mother's notice.

I looked at the bottom shelf where she kept the things we no longer used. There were a few old sheets from our childhood that she must have forgotten about. I grabbed the nearest set-my old Disney princess sheets-and slid the closet door closed again.

I slipped back into my room and placed the sheets and towels in a box and closed it.

I placed my pillows in another box knowing that Jack would forget.

The last thing i packed before heading downstairs was my blanket. It had taken me a year to save enough money to buy it and it was the most comforting thing I owned. The deep purple coloured silk fabric calmed me while the fluffy underside kept me warm and safe. I couldn't leave it behind.

All together I had four boxes and a backpack to move from my room to the van. The rest were in Jack's garage. The fourth and final box was empty. Neither of us had been in charge of packing food. I thought it might be better to be prepared to spend time sleeping in the van. I walked the boxes one at a time to my front door, taking the empty box into the kitchen.

I opened the cupboard packing as many cans, boxes and bags of food as I could. I decided to take the cooler bags and filled them with water and juice, taking only a few fruits that wouldn't go bad too quickly. I didn't take any meat. There would be no way to keep it cold.

Jack had a camp-stove that we could take with us to heat the canned food.

I was about to close the box when it hit me.

Can opener!” I whispered. How were we supposed to open the cans without one?

I pulled open the silverware drawer and picked up the can opener.

Might as well take some utensils too.” I murmured to myself. I placed them in the box while the second hand of the kitchen clock ticked loudly from its place on the wall. I looked at it worried. I was running out of time.

Four forty-five. We had just over an hour to finish packing and leave.

I lugged the boxes and my bags to Jack's driveway. There were no lights on in the house, but most the boxes from the garage were already in the van, and Jack was placing the last of them in the back as I approached.

He didn't hear me place my first two boxes down he was so focused on his task.

He finally glanced back and smiled as I set down my third box and first cooler.

I nodded my head and walked back to my front porch for the last time. I looked into my little piece of hell on earth, hoping to never return. I closed the door, holding the screen door as it closed, avoiding the slam it would make if left to its own devices.

I picked up my backpack, having filled it with ways to kill time. Jack had disabled our GPS, using complicated words that went right over my head. My laptop and Game-boy were things I would never leave behind, as well as my ten favorite novels. I didn't go anywhere without a book to read.

I shrugged the straps of the bag over my shoulders and slid the cooler bag onto my shoulder as well before picking up my final box.

Good riddance.” I told the house as I walked away.

I set my things down at the van as Jack jumped out of the back to grab the first of my boxes.


As Jack jumped out of the van Jess glanced around him, peering inside. Her face was set with determination. She was ready to leave.

Think we packed enough?” he asked, gesturing to her small pile of things still needing to be put away.

No. But I'm glad you thought of a bed. I guess the best part of you buying this van is that we can sleep in it, and fit all our boxes in too.”

Well,” he responded, looking at the mattress. “I thought you might like a place to sleep. And we needed something big. You have a lot of clothes.” he smirked, sliding another box into the van.

Jack thought about when he had bought the van. He had gone to the second hand dealership in town looking for the perfect getaway car.

He had come across the van near the back of the lot. It had been perfect. Enough space for sleeping and their belongings with folding back seats that allowed Jack to fit the mattress inside.

The only downside was that it didn't get good gas mileage. It worried him that it might cost them a ton of money to pay for gas, but he hoped that he could find a job quickly enough to earn the money they would need.

It'll keep us warmer than sleeping outside too. I hope.”

How soon can we be out of here?” she asked, glancing back and forth between his house and hers.

Once I get everything packed in the van we can go.”

She smiled, lifting a box. “Then we'd better get started. It's almost five fifteen. My mom will be up at six.”


That was the last of it!” Jack said as he closed the back of the van.

Alright!” I fist pumped the air and hopped toward the passenger door. “Hamilton is South, past Toronto. We can take highway eleven through Burk's Falls and into Huntsville. From there we take the highway straight through to Vaughan. Getting as far as Hamilton will take us about three hours. I haven't planned anything past that. I think it should be far enough...For now at least.”

He nodded. “Okay. I suppose that will do. I will miss it here though.”

But nothing good has ever happened here. Why would you miss this place?” I asked.

Neither of us had ever liked living in our small town of Sundridge with our families. The only thing we had to console ourselves was the beautiful forests that surrounded us and the lone sandy beach that bordered the one side of town.

There were trees everywhere. More trees than people really, and Algonquin park wasn't too far from us.

We may not have loved the way we were raised, or the people who did the raising, but we still had plenty of good times here too. Like the fort we built last summer in the forest behind my house, or the baby deer we saw with its mother. Living here wasn't so bad, was it?”

I guess you're right.” I responded, opening the door to climb into the van.

I suppose life hadn't been horrendous, but it hadn't exactly been ideal. Every happy memory was tinged with sadness by the simple fact that we used our time there to hide from he problems of our home lives. Most of the time I sported a black eye. I wasn't going to miss it.

Hurry up and get in Jack. I want out of this place. Fast.”


Jack rolled his eyes at Jess as he climbed into the van.

Yes your highness.” he laughed, closing the door as quietly as he could. She punched his arm.

Let's go get some coffee. It's early and we're going to be driving for a long time. It might help keep you awake.”

Anything else?” he sighed, pulling out of the driveway.

Yes. Lighten up! We're finally free!” she grinned at him, the most beautiful face splitting grin he had ever seen on her. He was glad he had brought her with him. She had become his family, the little sister he'd never had. He felt the need to protect her, even more than that, he needed her to keep him sane. He never would have made it through the past year without her.

They headed South out of Sundridge along highway eleven toward Burk's Falls.

Jack stopped at the first Tim Horton's before continuing on to Huntsville. Jess quickly fell asleep and Jack was left to his own thoughts.

'What will we do if we get caught? No one will believe us when we say our home lives aren't right. No one will believe we're abused. They'll say we're just kids. They always say that. And what am I supposed to do with her? She's like a sister to me, but how so I keep her safe in the city, especially one I've never been to before?' he was worried that she would want to run around and explore their new surroundings. She may want to shop and spend some of their savings on new clothes, and anything else she may find appealing. He understood that she bought things to fill the lonely gap her father had left in her heart, and to comfort her when things got worse at home. The problem was that Jack was used to saving every spare penny he could so that he would be able to get the things he needed to survive once he had run away. Hopefully she would understand the need to save their money now that she wasn't in constant danger of some form of abuse. She knew that he loved her like a sister, and would never hurt her. And she had always listened to him in the past when things got worse.

He just hoped she'd continue to do so. Things could get worse before they truly got better.


I slept while Jack drove. It would be another two hours, at least, before we got to Hamilton. I handed him the directions, locked the door, and curled my legs up under me, resting my head against the window with my eyes closed.

I woke up as Jack pulled over to the side of the road.

Where are we?” I asked.

King street. In downtown Hamilton.” he jumped out of the van and glances around before saying “Stay here. I'll find us a place to sleep tonight.”

We had driven straight through from Burks Falls, stopping only once to buy gas.

Now that we were in Hamilton Jack wanted to find a place to sleep for now so we could find an apartment and work quickly. I nodded my head and as he turned to shut the door I whispered “Be careful.”

without turning he nodded and kicked the door closed behind him.

Once I got bored with channel surfing the radio I turned my gaze to the windows.

Jack had driven us into the 'downtown' area of Hamilton. There were a lot of old brick buildings mixed in with the newer buildings, made mostly of glass it seemed.

This place scared me. I'd gone to North Bay once as a child and had refused to leave Sundridge ever again, and except for I never did. Until now.

It hit me then that we had really done it. We had run away from home! Free at last! I punched the roof of the van in triumph.

I will never go back!” I said proudly as the van door opened again.


Glad to hear it. I don't want to have to drive your butt all the way back there. I found us a place to crash.” he said climbing into the van. “But hopefully we're able to get into an apartment soon because after check out tomorrow we'll be sleeping in the van.”

Why?” Jess asked, pouting slightly, disappointed that things weren't going to be easy.

Because,” he said, rolling his eyes “all I could find was a hotel, and its incredibly expensive to stay in a hotel.”

How expensive?”

Does it matter? All you need to know is this: if you want to eat, and find a place to live, we can't afford it. Especially since I had to bribe the concierge. Normally they don't rent to teens. And you're supposed to pat with a credit card.”

Oh...Okay.” she mumbled.

Never mind the money. I'll keep track of our spending. Anyway the building we're parked across from is called Jackson Square. It's a mall, but our hotel is inside. There's a parking garage too. We'll park there and then go to our room.”

Will you leave me alone in order to find a job?” Jess asked, looking scared.

Well, you'll be safe in the hotel, so yes.”

What if I want a job too?”

You can get one later. Let me try first.” he said, putting the key in the ignition. Jess huffed and crossed her arms as they pulled into the street and found the garage.


After Jack got her settled, he left Jess to explore the hotel room while he went to fill out job applications and hand out resumes. He even stopped by the library to search the Hamilton job and apartment ads on Kijiji.

When he returned to the room several hours later, Jess was curled up on the bed reading a book.

He smiled, knowing that life wasn't going to be easy for them, but she didn't have to be afraid anymore. He finally felt that they could be happy. It was a great feeling.


I spent the entire day in our hotel room. I thought I would get bored and sneak out, but with the T.V, free Wi-Fi, books and room service, I was entertained. In fact, I never wanted to leave. I wanted to spend my life in the Sheraton with it's Jacuzzi tub and scented bubble bath. It was heaven.

By the time Jack returned to the room at six I was curled up on the bed reading 'Pride and Prejudice'. I quickly finished the page and closed the book.

What are you reading?”

My favorite book.” I grinned, holding the book in his direction.

Ah. Jane Austen. I should have guessed.”

Is it that obvious? Then go away!” I yelled playfully. “Darcy was just about to confess his love for Elizabeth.”

oh, well pardon my intrusion ma'am.”

I huffed in response, throwing a pillow at him as he headed toward the bathroom. Opening the book again I returned to Mr. Darcy and his fumbling proposal of marriage.

Elizabeth's rebuttal had become my favorite part of the book. Her self confidence and composure, so different from the other women in her life, was inspiring to me since I spent most of my life cowering in fear.

--- “In such cases as this, it is, I believe, the established mode to express a sense of obligation for the sentiments avowed, however unequally they may be returned. It is natural that obligation should be felt, and if I could feel gratitude, I would now thank you. But I cannot—I have never desired your good opinion, and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly. I am sorry to have occasioned pain to any one. It has been most unconsciously done, however, and I hope will be of short duration. The feelings which, you tell me, have long prevented the acknowledgment of your regard, can have little difficulty in overcoming it after this explanation.”---

The situation itself was comical, with Darcy having stated that he had fallen for her against his wishes, why did he think she would be grateful for that? But the reason I loved this passage so much was Elizabeth. Her courage, confidence and sense of self was so strong, so forward thinking for her time. She made me want to be stronger. Without her I don't think I would have had the courage to leave home.

Jack may have physically saved me by taking me with him when he left, but them emotional strength I received from Elizabeth saved me too. Some people may find it odd that I connected so strongly to a fictional character but I believe that a small piece of Austen herself is inside of Elizabeth, so really I'm got my strength from her.

If there was a way to thank her for her novels, I would. Reading her novels always warmed my heart.


When he exited the bathroom half an hour later Jess was still engrossed in her book. Shaking his head at her, he turned to the T.V, hoping to kill some time until she had read her fill and wanted to sleep.

Since the channels in Hamilton were different from those in Sundridge he decided to start at channel three and keep going until he found something interesting.

When he got to channel twelve, he stopped.

There on the screen were pictures of him and Jess.

They had already made the news.

Turing up the volume he turned to face Jess. “Put your book down and come here.” he said quietly.

What's wrong?” she asked, getting up off the bed...


The news.” he said, turning back to the screen.

I turned to face the T.V and felt my eyes grow wide as I stared at my self on the screen.

Our parents had figured it out, and worse, they'd actually bothered to report it.

I started to shake. If the news had already made it this far, we were in trouble. The police would be on the lookout for us.

I glanced at Jack, and idea slowly forming.

Jack, have you read 'The Outsiders?'”

Yes, of course. But what does that have to do with anything?”

Think about it. When Ponyboy and Johnny run away they cut their hair, and even dye Ponyboy's. We can do that! We'll go buy some hair dye and scissors! We won't be as easily recognized then!” I grinned.

He beamed back at me. “You're a genius! Why didn't I think of that?!”

Because you, my friend, were in panic mode. You weren't exactly thinking straight.”

I guess. We need to find a job even more now. We're going to run out of..”

Money?” I asked, confused as to why he'd stopped talking.

No. Well yes, but no. I just realized that I sent out all of those resumes with my name on them.”

Oh my...I hadn't thought of that. Where will we go now?”

Nowhere. We stay here.”

What do you mean?”

We're all over the news. If we run they'll still come. We'll dye our hair and look for work. Just because we have the same names as runaway teens doesn't mean that we're them. Get it?”

Yes.” I nodded.


The next morning they headed out of the hotel lobby and to buy their disguises. As they browsed the Rexall in the mall Jess jumped excitedly.

Glasses!” she whispered. “We should buy glasses!”

Jack looked at her, trying to decide if she'd gone crazy or not.

Uh,why?” he asked.

Because neither of us wear them! We'll look even more different!”

Jack smiled at her. She really was very smart. Always thinking on the spot.

Good idea.”

After purchasing their items they headed back to their room, where Jess helped him cut and dye his hair before she did her own.

He watched as the blonde slowly dissapeared, being taken over by the dye.

Look at that! Black hair suits you!” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

Oh. I guess.” he replied dryly. “Finish your hair and then we'll check out and look for a job. And a place to live.”


We went to apartment after apartment, and each one denied us because of our age.

Finally we found an apartment on King street in Dundas. Move in ready!

After we looked around the apartment for awhile we asked the Realtor for the application forms.

I'll get the paper work ready.” the woman said walking into another room.

She returned a minute later with the paper work in hand.

You both need to sign here, here and here. And initial here.”

We were half way through reading and filling out our application when there was a knock at the door.

Jack and I glanced up.

Excuse me for a minute. It's probably another person interested in renting.” she said standing up.

I looked nervously at Jack.

Right this way please.” the Realtor said as she led the Police Officer into the room.

My jaw dropped open in shock...


Jess jumped up. “You called the police?!” she yelled, pointing from the Realtor to the officer.

You didn't think I would actually rent to a couple of sixteen year old's did you? I've seen the news, and even with your new appearances I knew it was you two who have run away from home. Your parents must be worried sick. I couldn't, in good conscience, let you leave here and get hurt. You need to go home.” she replied.

No!” Jess screamed.

Jessica, remain calm please. We don't want to hurt you. We just want to take you home.” the officer said kindly.

NO! I won't go! Anything but that!” she cried.

Jess, hey. It's okay. They may be able to help us.” Jack whispered.

No! They don't care about us! They just want to get rid of us, ship us back to them! To those monsters!

What do you mean monsters?” the officer asked.

Our parents. And her brother.” Jack told him.

I see. I think maybe we should talk about this at the station.”

They hung their heads dejectedly as they followed the officer down to his squad car.

My name is Officer Bogden. You can call me Frank though, if it makes you feel more comfortable.”

Thanks.” Jess said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.


I folded my arms and kicked the officers seat from the back of the cruiser.

Jessica, would you please stop kicking my seat?”

Would you stop calling me that!!” I cried. “My mother calls me that! I hate my mother!”

Sorry 'bout that.” Frank said quietly. “Won't happen again kiddo.”

I kicked his seat again. “Kiddo, really?” I whispered to myself.

The ride to the Police Station was very short. Frank parked behind the building, taking us in through a back entrance.

I couldn't do anything but grip Jack's hand tightly as Frank led us to a small room furnished only with a table and four chairs.

Sit here while I sort a few things out with my fellow officer.” he said gesturing toward the chairs.

I'll have to call your parents. I'm sure they'd love to talk to you.”

I couldn't take it anymore. I burst into tears and my bones turned to jello.

Jack wrapped his arms around me and led me to a chair on the far side of the table, making it easy for him to keep an eye on the door.

I looked up at the man who wanted to send me back to my prison. He had an odd expression on his face, it almost looked like he wanted to comfort me. I moved my gaze to the floor, still crying silently.

I watched his feet as he walked forward and placed his hand on my shoulder.

The unexpected, unwelcome contact frightened me.

I looked up sharply, instantly becoming tense and defensive.

He just gazed at me kindly with sadness in his eyes.

It took me a moment to process what was happening.

He didn't look like he wanted to harm me.

I even hoped he would help us.

He could keep us safe.

I allowed some of the tension to ease from my body.

He let go of my shoulder and walked to the door.


I sat at my desk enjoying my new office. I grinned at the nameplate I held in my hand.

'Ashley Stanhope' was written in bold black letters. I couldn't believe that I hand finally landed a job with The Children's Aid Society.

It had been my dream from a young age.-My best friend in middle school had lived in an abusive home, and she had given up on life. Until a social worker had been called by the neighbour and she had been put into her grandparent's care. Children's Aid Society took her away from the pain amd gave her a second chance at life.

Seeing that made me want to better the lives of children, and to take them away from those who harmed them.-

That day was my first day without an instructor. I was a full-fledged social worker.

My happy bubble was burst as my boss-Sarah-poked her head in.

I have a case for you. I need you to go to the Police Station in Dundas.”

Sure. What's the situation?”

Two teenage runaways from Sundridge were found trying to rent an apartment in Dundas. Since you handled training with a previous runaway case so well I thought you could go down to the station to talk to them. Report back to me and we'll decide where to go from there.”

Alright. Should I contact their family?”

The officer at the Police Station has already done so. Standard procedure is to contact us as well as their parents. They ran away for a reason. It's up to us to find out if there are problems at home verses simple teenage rebellion.”

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