Things that drive me insane

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What I believe.

Submitted: July 02, 2008

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Submitted: July 02, 2008



-Smoking banned from pubs
I am not a fan of smoking and I will never smoke, but I think that it is wrong that they are banning smoking from pubs! Isn't the whole point of a pub drinking beer and smoking cigars and cigarettes? America is home of the free. Why can't people freely enjoy a cigarette in a place that was made for smoking and drinking? Honestly, if you do not like smoking, why don't you just leave?

-How the children of middle school have to put their backpacks in the doorways to enter CVS.
I may not be in middle school still, but my friends and I still have to put our bags in the doorways. We are accused of robbing when the store should be accused for having a bad alarm system. Even without the backpacks, we have the people follow us around the aisles. I find it mostly sad how they accuse us of robbing when the adults do most of the robbing! Maybe it has not occurred to the employees at CVS that someone could rob our stuff out of out backpacks more easily than we can rob from their store?

-How a singer can have no talent what-so-ever and lip sync, but to get noticed you must be an amazing singer and remember a lot of things.
There is Ashley Simpson, who lip syncs and people still listen to her music. There is Paris Hilton and that Heidi girl from The Hills who are terrible at singing, yet they make millions and for what? For lack of talent and for being a disgrace to blonds? I believe so. It is saddens me to know that I must fight for something that others can easily get just by doing terrible at it.

We have to spend 40 to 60 dollars for a full tank! It is sad how people are switching from gas to using oil that comes from your food! Soon, they will be raising prices of wheat because people are using that as gas! What disturbs me the most is how we pay for gas in Iraq. Imagine how much money they have to use to fill the tanks of a tank. The tank of a tank must be HUGE!

Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister is for people who are willing to spend 40 to 60 dollars on pants that they can spend five to ten dollars for at Sears. There are t-shirts that you are sold three for five dollars that are 30 dollars there! Before I had bought pants there, I thought the place had good clothing, but I did not want to spend a lot of money. When I did by those 36 pants the stitching started sticking out! It came to my notice that I had wasted 36 dollars of my Christmas money on garbage! That is the worst feeling of all, when you cannot bring it back because you ripped the tag off.

I have found out today that a kid in my class, who does nothing what-so-over, but listen to his IPod and sleep, got a A+ in World Studies. So if I was to do absolutely nothing in class will you give me a A+ too or are you going to fail me and say how you expected more from me? I already know the answer to that one. To be honest, I believe that the school is trying to hold the truly smart people back. Lazy people with no common senses are getting better grades than I. Am I the only one who notices that there is something wrong with that?

They say that gym is for keeping children healthy and in shape. Is there anything to do with education in there? The only thing that you learn in gym is how pathetic your other classmates are. They scream, they shout, they cry and they pout. Not only do we suffer from the person screaming in our ear, but we are completely stressed out. Stress causes the pimples on your face, the bloating of your stomach and can kill you! Does that sound healthy to you? What I really want to know is why we must pass a class like gym to get into college. Gym class to me is just another job for someone who struggled with gym class themselves in high school and want to watch people struggle the way they did. That is the real reason why they take seven points off your grade every time you miss it. Why is it that you have to waste a free period just to make gym up when there are so many other important subjects in school that you could make up for? Lastly, if I am going to have to do gym for the next three years of my life, at least let me go in the weight room like the young adult that I am instead of playing a childlike game with a bunch of childlike people!

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