The Colors of the Rainbow

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Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



“Dad,” yelled Orange. “Do you think that people will like me?” “Well sure,” smiled daddy Orange. “I think people will love you!” Orange was very nervous as he entered his brand new school. Orange was of a strange color that most people were not.

On the earth sat blue, green, yellow, red, indigo, and violet colored people. Orange people were harder to come by! Most people did not welcome Orange colored people. Orange was just a very weary color that nobody understood. “Hello,” Orange said as he walked into his new class!

All the kids in the class became silent! They stared at Orange in shock, and made him feel very uncomfortable. Orange took a big gulp down his throat! His eyes began to water and his face turned brown. He was very embarrassed. Orange took his seat next to Blue.

Blue began to move her desk slightly to the right. She did not want to be next to Orange! (The bell rings)! Its lunch time now and Orange is hoping it will get better. As Orange went on line to get his food, Red, and Yellow moved off the line. Red, Yellow and Blue sat together. Orange decided to go next to violet and Indigo.

“How are you,” smiled Orange? “I am Orange, nice to meet you?” “Our parents told us not to play with you” explained Indigo! “Well why,” asked Orange desperately. “Because you are Orange,” explained Violet. Orange looked at himself trying to figure out what that meant. “But you never met me,” cried Orange! “I don’t understand why people want to hate me before getting to know me,” said Orange! Orange left and ran quickly into the school bathroom.

Orange was disgusted with himself and could not wait to go home. He began to splash water on his face. As he did that, his body color began to change. He became white. As Orange splashed more and more, his color began to disappear. Although happy for a moment, his color slowly began to return.

Orange wept loudly until he heard a creek at the bathroom door. He ran into the bathroom stall, locking the door. He stood on top of the toilet and sat quiet.

Red, Blue, and Yellow entered the bathroom. They had no idea that Orange was hiding. “Did you notice Orange trying to be our friend,” said Blue! “Yeah,” laughed Red! “I would never befriend anyone orange,” said Yellow. “Orange will never be equal to us,” said Blue!

The mean colors had left the bathroom. Orange became very angry, and so he began to turn black. Daddy Orange came to pick Orange up from school. “So how was school Orange,” Daddy Orange asked! “It was terrible,” cried Orange! “Why is it that nobody likes my color,” screamed Orange! “All the colors were being mean to me dad!”

“Tomorrow is a new day,” added Daddy Orange. “We’ll just have to try again tomorrow!” “No, no, no,” yelled Orange! “I want to go back to my old school, with all the other Oranges that were just like me,” said Orange! “Son,” Daddy Orange began to say. “The other colors fear what they don’t understand. You shine differently than they do.” smiled daddy Orange.

“As you become older, you will see that more colors will not accept you,” he sighed! “Unfortunately for these same reasons, which are none! All the other colors are made of confusion, which makes us more special.” “But how,” asked Orange? “Because we think differently than them,” said Daddy Orange. “Although we stand apart, we are needed to come together,” said Daddy Orange excitingly. “Why,” asked Orange?

 “Because without us, they can’t make the colors of the rainbow,” said Daddy Orange! “Unfortunately, as much as they don’t like us, they need us,” laughed Daddy Orange! “Even though we are different colors of life, we are all needed to become one,” said Daddy Orange. “The kings above the clouds ordained for all colors to co-exist peacefully on one planet. But we can’t see the kings, and so all the colors react within belief.”  

 “Their belief is considered a strong opinion which is not supported by facts, said Daddy Orange sadly.” “What are facts, asked Orange desperately?” “Facts are the truth, said daddy Orange confidently!” “We are considered a very boring and ugly color, said Daddy Orange. The other colors feel like we do not belong next to them because we make them look bad.

  “They also feel like we should be happy to be around them, because they believe they shine better.” “Orange, said Daddy Orange firmly!” “Yes dad, said Orange confusingly?” “Just because someone does not like you, doesn’t mean you change your color just to please them, said daddy Orange respectfully.”

  “Be yourself, as they will have no other choice but to accept you, said Daddy Orange.” “But what if they don’t like me, asked Orange sadly?” “Then they just missed out on the best color in the world, laughed Daddy Orange.” “Love your color, as the Kings loves you!” “Thanks dad,” Orange shouted happily! Orange gave his dad the biggest hug ever.

Orange was looking forward to a brand-new day. The next day Orange went to school, and he was nervous to go in the classroom. Green had walked in and dropped her books on the floor. Orange helped Green picked up her books. “Thank you,” said Green! “I really appreciate it!” “You’re welcome,” replied Orange!

 “Do you want to sit with me at lunch,” asked Green. “I would love to,” replied Orange!

Orange sat with Green at lunch. They began talking, and laughing so loudly at the table. Green and Orange were having so much fun together; so much fun that all the other colors were curious to find out what was so interesting.

Blue, Red, Yellow, Violet, and Indigo all came to the table. Orange began to tell a joke. All the colors including him began laughing. “You are very funny,” said Blue! “We are sorry for the way we treated you,” sighed Yellow. We did not mean to, but we were all taught not to talk to the Orange,” said Red. “We thought it was because you were different, but somehow you seem the same as us,” said Violet.

“We judged you, and I hope you can forgive us,” asked Indigo? “Sure,” replied Orange happily!” Now let’s all be friends,” said Orange. All the colors became so excited to finally become the rainbow! Orange never had a problem making friends in his school again.

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