The MerkXSaph Thing

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Read on as a story of two magical young lovers embark on a romance, filled with lots of meant-for-adult scenes.. Ah, forget about that romancey crap! Just read the story.

.. IF you don't I'll murder you in your sleep >:D

Submitted: November 15, 2015

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Submitted: November 15, 2015



Mercoledi walked on a cucumber. It was 93% water. She was Jesus. Jesus is 93% Merk. 

Suddenly Donald Turnip came to Christ Christy 

he slapped his momma


Then Obama blew up cause he was a bomb

He took the men and candy


Molly went shopping at a strip club. She thought it was a night club, so the vortex of all deadly carrots fell upon his great momther.

The BLACK panther is a racist son of a woman. The pink panther jumped off a roof and shot your great great grandaugther in the butt. 


Suddenly, the wolf has a dying Castiel in his butthole. The hail of shit was dying. Karkat and Sapphire were in an epic battle. 

Then your mom died and Sapphire was overcome by moulting orange Blackstripes and Stripefurs mating with Starkits. Meanwhile, Lucifer was having a shit spasm as his daughter was being Walmart.

Soon little orange cats started falling from Holylaff and Tiggerstra mating. THEN STARGLEAM WAS DIED!!!!!!!


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