sanguine asphyxiation: a broken stranglehold

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vampire and victim

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



sanguine asphyxiation: a broken stranglehold


black spots enter my vision

altering my sense of reason

light-headed feelings relieving the burden

only due to hands of a heathen


feeling my thoughts slipping away

freeing my mind, so they would say

memories blacked out the rest of the day

falling limp to the floor, no time to pray


at the hands of a madman

didn't realize there was a plan

doing only what a victim can

wishing that I could have ran


but wait! there's more!

he picked me up off of the floor

bare hands at my throat I can't ignore

my pitiful life do I implore


scrabbling at large hands that wouldn't give

tears leaking out of my eyes like a sieve

to catch a breath to scream was furtive

it was my best bet to be quiet and submisive


looking into monstrous eyes

realizing there was no compromise

thinking only of his lies

playing on my mental ties


against the wall again

roughly slammed, no one could help me then

losing my mind to this horrible sin

please someone, please come in


the monster grinned evily as his eyes glinted

and for a moment I was blinded

feeling an intense bliss that I had not yet been jaded

god how can I get away? it's so twisted


the rush of adrenaline

the pounding of my heartbeat filling in

this feeling should not be allowed to win

please some one, please come in


no such luck as I once more felt myself slipping away

to kill this monster will be the day

when I can truly feel and say

that I'm perfectly fine and okay

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