Secret Lycan Affair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short poem of a secret lycanthropic romance

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



A soul never lost, a soul never to gain
I wish that he'd end this miserable pain
To tear out this broken creature he's slain
The ruby red blood to flow and to stain

Last night, for once, the grieving was done
My heart set alight, as if it was arson
Pounding so hard inside that it could deafen
Arisen once more by the hands of a cretin

He told me in whispers that "all is well"
Yet part of me screamed at him; "go to hell"
He went for my throat and I attacked as we fell
I'm lucky to be alive to commit and retell

I told him that I'd do anything for him but leave
That it was only his love and affection I wished to receive
He understood the extent to which I had grieved
And told me that once more, I'd gained a reprieve

Submissive Lycan, submissive wolf, I was
I bowed before him and his mighty claws
Silver wolf, shining bright without flaws
Made me smile and shiver without pause

The moon was covered, yet was nigh
The touch of his flesh made me feel so high
If he was to disappear again, indeed I would die
Of this fact though, I surely must lie

Never again can I tell a soul
Instead, I'll write it as if on a scroll
And if it's found out, I must pay the toll
Of losing this one creature that has been my goal

I miss him, I love him and I told him the truth
His beautiful eyes grinned with mischief and youth
With a small smirk on his face that showed one elongated tooth
Later, I'd gaze at him from across the table in a booth

Then I gazed into his somniferous eyes
Wondering if he'd ever heard my pathetic cries
Hoping and dreaming and wishing to die
The honest truth I hated to belie

I looked down at him and said "tell me you don't love me"
"I can't" he said, and my eyes got blurry
"then tell me you love me" I whispered quietly
A pause, then, "I love you" he breathed, ever so gently

My heart swelled with pleasure as it was cleansed of the hurt
Knowing that once more I was free of the dirt
The grime, the corruption, the mystery I could avert
Although this operation must remain covert

He kissed me and nudged me, smiling as he did it
A part of me wanted to kill him, the same one that put out the hit
Instead, I laid back and relaxed a bit
Knowing he could kill me rather than commit

The heat and the passion flared as we united
Never again do I want us to be divided
To be able to see him gets me doubly excited
In my heart, body and soul, he is utmost invited

This time I will not break
For my heart is his to take
If he must disappear it's for our sake
Please, don't let this be another mistake

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