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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

spiritual poetry

HATE is like a nuclear Explosion

that brings a lot of Energy in Motion

but with it's deadly Radiation

it's a dangerous Creation


LOVE is like a nuclear Fusion

and gives Birth to a new Illusion

Two Elements melting together into a singular Cell

their Love burning so much hotter than Hell


LOVE is like a beautifull Garden

with Space for every Plant, for every Flower

and is therefore called

the Great, Magic Power


HATE is like around you

a massive Concrete Wall

It is called Security

but it only keeps YOU small


Is HATE secured with Lies

spoken in God's Name,

the Hatefull will be honoured

with his own Shame


LOVE given away

with open Heart and no Sorry

opens the EnTRANCE

into the Kingdom of God's Glory


LOVE is the et(h)ernal Source of flowing

LOVE is the et(h)ernal Energy of growing


LOVE is the Diversity of Live

playing to_get_her like Musicians in a Band


HATE is „the Fight of your Life“

where you do everything to win

but „Life spites into your Hand“






LOVE and HATE are sisters

and they love and hate each other

Love wants to give everything

but Hate doesn't bother


LOVE and HATE are brothers

and they love and hate in Dispair

Hate sometimes takes over

but Love is so much stronger and therefore doesn't care

LOVE is not only loving, Love is also Fair


HATE is the blind Mirror

of the fearfull, broken Mind

LOVE gives him sometimes her Eyes

but then Love is herself blind


HATE is a very simple Mind

and easy gets excited

you tell him you hate him

and Hate is ignited


LOVE is a very open Mind

with an open Heart too

you tell her you love her

and Love will invite you


ALL in all are Love and Hate

two Extremes of the same Source

ONE is the very pushing

and the other is the guiding Force


HATE is a Fire

that boils up your Blood

and turns your Water

into a dangerous Flood

LOVE is the Power

that keeps your Fire in the Ring

and your Water is flowing

like a Mountain Spring






LOVE is the Divine Inspiration

HATE is the You_Man Interpretation


LOVE is the Power of Creation

HATE is the Tower of Frustration


Destroy the Tower

free your Soul

than HATE has no Power

and LOVE hits the Goal


Fire and Water

both are the driving Elements in YOU

and like Love and Hate

they love and hate each other, too


So, the only Thing

you have to keep in Mind

You are of God

ONE of his Kind


Whatever you do

if in Shame or in Glory

is Part of a wonderful Dream

and your doing BEEING is Part of the Story

Submitted: June 23, 2011

© Copyright 2022 mercurious. All rights reserved.

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