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spiritual poetry

Submitted: June 23, 2011

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Submitted: June 23, 2011



If you think you are cursed

you can easy break the spell

find your inner source

and become your own dwell


You are ALL_ONE

you are a creator

only when you cheat yourself

you are your own traitor


Before you go out

and use fire and sword

go deep into yourself

and check the spelling of your own word


As a child of the light

your fire and sword

should be the love in your heart

and the hairsplitting edge of the truth in your word


And don't listen to others

when they make a big noise

and when they call you to kill for them

don't do it, it's a very bad choice


Your word and your doing

in the world will manifest

you can be a ocean of wisdom

or as deadly as the black pest


Your love or your hate comes back as a flash

and then you are shining or burned into ash

But even from the ash like the phönix you can raise

if you get the message and give the Lord a praise


Love and understanding

in peaceful doing integrated

makes you to someone

who is highest rated

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