A Blue Dress

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This is a story about Kate; who had a miserable life in her childhood with her brother and other accompaniment. When she grew up she met again her childhood friend, John and this is a romance story between them.
The story is in two parts: The first part describes her childhood story and then in second part she is a young woman and the story continues in a different city from her childhood...

Submitted: October 09, 2013

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Submitted: October 09, 2013



A Blue Dress




By the waterfront of the town, a little girl seemed to be 5 years old was running after two older boys, one seemed around 8 and one another around 10. They were in a bad rush and wanted to get on a boat, suddenly the little girl stopped to watch a woman with a blue dress and a man kissing each other standing on the upper platform.

“Kate! Kate!” The lesser boy shouted! “Come On!” and pulled her hand. They went on the boat; it was nearly a corrupted one and the boys began to paddle quickly..



Finally their boat reached the shore and they went out of their boat. The girl was playing and seemed happy. She was whispering a poem. The lesser boy looked at her considerably; then turned back his eyes to the sea disappointedly.. like the other boy.. The girl was a bit far from them running through grasses. The lesser boy went after her, took her hand and they went, looking other people..

Everywhere was crowded; people were going and coming.. but from their eyes view that wasn't a beautiful scene. People all were with white skins. Also Kate had white skin and blue sweet eyes with blond hair. The lesser boy was similar to her in appearance; when the greater boy had a brown skin color and black curly hairs. They were wandering; the parent-less children.. After a long walk finally they reached a low place in the city and stayed at a dirty wall. After a long walk they were tired; they sat by the wall. The weather was a bit cool but Kate and his brother were tired and they went sleep.



Two year later..

Kate was standing near by a shop holding his brother's hand, watching a sweet little blue dress at the window of a shop.

“Kevin! Let's go in..” Kate said. Kevin counted again the coins in his hand and happily they went into the shop.. After some moments they came out when Kate was wearing that nice blue dress looking at herself happily.



Now she was standing on the avenue of the city with her little hands full of flowers, looked sweet and happy with new blue dress. A woman bought a flower and Kate begged childish for another flower.

“Please...!” Kate begged with sweet smile. So the woman bought another flower. Before sunset there were nearly no more flowers left in her hands, just some old ones. So she threw them away.

The elder boy arrived looking her warmly. He took her arm and they went.



Days and days came one after another when they were buying and selling different things: flowers, balls, sweets.. and etc. The elder boy was also clever in thieve; but Kevin was really afraid of that..



One day.. Kevin was sitting near Kate leaning on a wall, Kevin had a newspaper in his hand showing it to Kate and they were laughing. Kate had a pen and a paper in her hand. She was trying to write her name, but she was unable to draw a straight line.

“No! Look here! The “t” should be written like this!” Kevin took the pen from Kate and rounded some “t”s in the newspaper by pen. Kate was attending carefully and added a half horizontal line to “t” and they laughed.

“What are you doing?” The elder boy was just arrived.

“Always playing with such newspapers! What is written in it? Anything wonderful? Anything useful? Hoof!” And went away!



Kate was selling flowers everyday in her sweet blue dress and she was happy. But the dress was going to become tight, a bit dirty and old and torn in some parts but she still loved it and used to wear it everyday at her job!

A day when she was running and singing, her little sweet blue dress stuck to a branch of a tree. She fell down badly and began to cry. All her flowers scattered around her and corrupted. She was crying but suddenly the little Kate found her blue dress torn badly. She couldn't bear it at all. Her cry became louder. She didn't get that her coins also scattered on the ground. She stood up. Her foot was hurt and she hardly began to walk, forgetting her flowers and her coins completely.

After a bit walking suddenly she remembered her coins and hurriedly ran back.

She found her flowers going by the wind, but there wasn't any coin on the ground.

It was nearly dark and the sun was going down. Little Kate was afraid standing at the avenue crying, her face was still dirty of soil and scratched and her sweet blue dress still was ripped.

Suddenly a hand came near her face..

She raised her head up. A boy around 12 was looking her with a nice smile.

“Come with me!” He said.

Kate just looked at him strangely without saying a word.

“Why are you crying? May I help you?”

“May I Help you?!”

Kate didn't respond just stood up without interrupt in looking the boy.

His voice became slighter and more calm.

“Do you need help?” nearly took her hand.

Kate pulled back her hand quickly: “no! Thanks!”

But suddenly she began to cry again.

“I lost all my money, my flowers.. I have nothing to sell and no money to go back home and I'm afraid of my brothers”. Her cry became louder and louder.

“How much was it?”



In the dark Kevin was waiting for Kate. His face was full of fear; suddenly a girl hand in hand with a boy appeared.

“Hi!” Kate said with a cute smile. Her face was clean and her cheeks were fresh and red. The dress was nearly clean and the torn parts were sewed up.

“How are you??? Oh! My little sister!” He hugged her.

“Where were you?” shook her.

- Where are your flowers?

- I sold all of them.. And here is the money.

She opened her hand and a crumple paper money and some coins were in her hand. Kevin took them quickly and smiled.

“OK! Come On!”

Suddenly he stopped and looked at the stranger.

- I helped her finding the way in the dark.

- OK! Thank you!

Kevin said but not in a very thankful way!

The boy was clean, handsome and with a gentle smile on his lips, completely different from Kevin. He had small but cute black eyes with white skin and combed hairs.

Before thinking more about him, Kevin disappeared with Kate in the dark leaving the gentle boy with his nice smile.



It was dark and cold and in that dirty house full of hungry children, the three champions of our story,  seemed a bit worry but full of hope in their eyes; kept themselves  near together to prevent the cold weather bothering them. After a while they were asleep when they were really tired and exhausted.



A new day, Kate with a clean but torn dress was at the avenue of the city. Everyday she used to sell flowers; she was happy under the shines of the sun; coming back home with Kevin every afternoon and watching the beautiful sunset in the way of home.

One day when she was trying to sell flowers, the gentle boy came toward her.


Kate smiled without saying a word.

- Give me a flower!

Kate leaded her little hand forward with a flower, looked him and smiled.



One day Kate was walking nearby a fruit shop; her eyes shined when she looked red big apples winking at her! The seller was busy by talking to another man and all the people were nearly far away. She looked her around again carefully; then suddenly grabbed into the fruits; took two or three of them quickly and ran away. One or two more apples fell down. The seller stopped the conversation and stuck confusingly for a moment; then jumped toward her instantly, but after one or two steps he refused chasing her more; just began to whisper some curses angrily..



A cloudy day Kate was bored and tired of standing on the avenue. She put her flowers on the ground and sat down. People were coming and going fast like that no one is seeing her.  She was sat on the ground and watching people and in her view, it was complicated and crowded and nearly dark. 



A door of a house opened and the gentle boy came out; but he stuck a moment and was surprised seeing Kate there. She was desperate and unhappy.


She said with a faint voice.

“Kate!” the boy responded.

He paused for an instant, then decided; he took her hand and leaded her into the house.



Kevin was sitting on the ground. Lots of unusable things were in front of him.. different shapes of knives, strange stones, and small statues. No one was eager to buy them...



John brought a big basin, filled it by water. Kate's blue dress was thrown away on the floor. She had worn white underpants and calmly went into the basin. John was looking her and when she smiled, he became happy.

“The temperature is OK?” He asked.

“Uhum!” She nodded.

He became calm; then went toward her to help her taking a bath.



Their elder accompaniment was just wandering around. At a food shop he stopped and leaned; smiled and looked the shopper that was shouting:

“Come! Come here! Come here and buy hot cookies! They are cooked just now! So delicious! Don't lose it at all!”

Suddenly he stopped shouting when he saw him leaning on his shop's wall. He looked him in a strange and angry way. The boy smiled and went away.



A woman came into the house and found John playing with a little girl. Lots of toys and picture books were scattered all around; There was a basin in the middle of the room, full of soapsuds and dirty water and some water had been poured from it to the floor.

As she was looking around she attended the little, cute girl that was staring at her.

The woman refused her and looked at John and shouted:

“Why is the room so messed?  WHY... is... the room.. so messed?” her voice was shaking.

”Who is she?” she pointed her finger to the girl angrily.

“WHO.. IS.. SHE??!”

- Sorry mom!.. e..

- Don't talk! OK? DON'T Talk!

The girl understood the situation, stood up calmly, went to the door; before going out she looked at John. John was looking her hopelessly when she went.



5 years layer...

The beautiful little happy girl is now around 12 years old at the beginning of being juvenile. She was walking in a crowded street of the city with a basket full of cookies and shouting:

“Hot Cookies! Hot Cookies!”

She offered her basket to a woman and said: “Take one! It's so delicious!”

The woman took one and gave the girl a coin and went. Kate was happy and walking to find another client.



The weather was hot; Kate sat at the corner of the avenue of the city. The clock knocked 12 times. Kate put the basket on the corner. She was tired so she ignored the basket and went away.



John was hand in hand with Kate. Now he was more tidy, his hairs were so clean with clean and tiny shirt and trousers. They passed a toy shop looking at strange and funny toys. John pointed at one of them and they laughed. They stayed and talked looking the shop's window.



At a little room, the elder boy was looking at the door when Kate came in laughing with herself. She stuck suddenly seeing him.

“Where is your basket?” he said

“Oh! Neman! Take it easy! I just forgot to take it!” Kate said and laughed.

“OK!” Neman nodded and smiled. He took away his hand from the wall. Kevin was sitting on an old wooden bed and looking Kate and smiled too and Kate sat by him.



That was dark in night. Neman was looking out of the window.

“Kevin isn't back yet!” He said. Then he came back to Kate. She was lying calmly, wearing a fine brown dress and her legs were exposed. Neman smiled and went and slept beside her. Kate turned her look to him. He put his hand on her stomach and put away her cloth patiently. Her breasts weren't completely grown with new budded nipples. He put his hand on her breasts and carefully caressed them. Then he looked at her eyes. She was also looking him; but suddenly they attention went to the door where Kevin was standing and looking at them.

Neman got up and went away from the room but didn't say anything.

Kevin stayed and looked at Kate full of blames and went out.



Kevin was standing in the street and looking around full of scares. Neman was grabbing cloths from a huckster. He was also looking around and did it hurriedly. Suddenly a man came out of a ice-cream shop with an ice-cream in his hand. He looked happy but suddenly his eyes and his face changed as he turned his look and started to shout. Neman looked him and threw away some of the cloths and began to run as fast as he could. The man was also running and shouting; but he was fat and couldn't run as fast as Neman. His cloths were scattered on the street; he was nearly crying; then stopped running and shouting.

People gathered around him. This time his eyes were full of tears. People were asking him about what happened but he couldn't reply because of extreme sadness.

Kevin was looking that scene behind a wall and was completely scared. Then he also began to run.

Another man came near to the robbed huckster looking the way Neman had been escaped from.

“I know that boy” He said.

“Everyday he comes and steals from us” Another man said.



Kevin's face was full of anxiety. There was a paper on the wall. Neman arrived and stared at the paper.

“What does it say?” Neman asked.

“The new law says about gathering beggars and thieves” Kevin answered.

Neman's face changed looking at the paper.



Neman was standing at a huckster, but he was really scared. He was looking around that was full of polices. They were standing one by one and even by groups in close distances.

Kevin was standing a bit far from him and completely scared! He was panting fast and fast! Then his eyes became wide when Neman went toward a woman that was speaking with a seller about the price of a cloth. The woman was fat with a heavy makeup and a red open dress in both sides. Neman touched her neck. She suddenly shocked and turned back and looked him and then shouted at him. Neman just smiled and said: “Sorry Ma'am!” Then he went far from her calmly. But after just some footsteps, suddenly the woman screamed.

“Oh! My Necklace!”

Neman began to run.

“Catch the boy! He stole my necklace!”

Her scream attended the police and other sellers who were also angry about him.

They began to run after him; also the police became attended and they also began to run.

“The boy is with him!”

Somebody showed Kevin by his finger.

Kevin suddenly began to run! He was really frightened and began to call Neman and ran towards him. After some minutes running, they went to a lane. Neman decided to drop the necklace and did it. They went to another lane and hid in a hole behind a tree and a wall. They were panting fast.

- They will find us soon.

- Let's go and catch Kate then run away from this city.



Finally they reached the avenue where Kate used to sell flowers and cookies.

“OH! SHIT!” Neman said angrily.

They looked around but she wasn't there.

“Where is she?” Kevin said.

“She might be at modern shops. She enjoy watching them”. Kevin continued.



Kate was walking with John taking his hand and an empty basket in her other hand. John was talking so excitedly and Kate was silent just listening.

They stopped at another toy shop. There was a big doll on the window of the shop. She was so similar to little five years old Kate with blue eyes and blue dress. Kate was gazing at it admiringly and then smiled. They passed and John was still talking. Suddenly Kevin and Neman appeared on the other side of the path. Kevin took Kate's hand and began to run.

“We should go now!” He said seriously.

John was looking them wonderingly.

“Hey! Hey! Where do you go?”

They denied to answer and just ran. And John began to run after them.

“Hey! Wait!” Kate said. Kevin was pulling her hand, but she couldn't run as fast as him. Suddenly her wrist stuck to a branch of a tree, then she fell down and her basket threw away. She got up but her hand was hurt badly.

A deep scar had been made on the back of her hand. She was crying but she had no other way except running.

“Hey! Kate! What Happened to you?” John shouted.

They passed a lane, suddenly they confronted the Police. They began to run faster. Kate was in hand by John. Neman took her other hand and pulled.

“Hey! Leave him!”

And then shouted at John:

“Let her GO!”

John was holding the sore hand of Kate. He forsook it but Kate was holding his hand crying. John caressed her scar and let her go away.

Kate was looking him and crying. John also was crying. He cleaned his tears by his hands.

Neman hugged Kate and put her on a wall, then he climbed himself and then took Kevin's hand and pulled to help him climbing up.



They became a bit happy when the lake and ships became appeared. But suddenly the polices saw them who were waiting for them. They began to run again when the police was chasing them.

After entering a lane Neman stopped.

“We should separate from each other!”

Kevin nodded to show his acceptance. Then Neman looked at Kate.

“OK! We should separate.”

He said in a kind slight sound.

Kevin looked at her and she nodded too.

Then they began to run in separate ways, suddenly they heard a shooting.

Neman was sitting on the ground holding his foot and his face was suffering. He had been shot by a police. Kevin and Kate stopped looking at him.

“RUN! RUN!” Neman mentioned by his hand seriously.

Kevin began to run and also Kate did.



At the train station Kate was trying to enter the train when lots of people were also trying to do it. It was really crowded so no one could understand that Kate doesn't have a ticket. Kate entered and sat on a seat by a window. Her face was dirty and she was really tired. An old woman was sitting in front of her looking her strangely.

She looked outsides from the window. Her eyes became full of tears, then she closed her eyes and let the tears to fall down



A handsome man with small but absorbent eyes with a clean ironed gray suits was sitting on manager's chair in a newspaper office and was writing a note. Suddenly the door opened and a lady came in.

“Sorry sir!” she said.

“See the prepared alert” she continued.

John looked at the paper carefully to read it.

“OK! Put it on the first page of tomorrow newspaper” He said.

The secretary went out. The paper she brought was in front of him and he was looking at it and thinking deeply.

“Kate! Where are you?”  was the subject of the alert on the paper.



A new day in news paper office began. Two employees and after them the secretary came in and went to her room. Then John came in.

“Hi” The secretary said.

“Hi” He responded.

“What's up?” He said

“Nothing sir.” She answered.

John stood at her desk and looked at lots of papers.

“OK!” He said and went to his room. He dropped his bag somewhere and sat. He put his hands back  to his head.

The secretary came in and showed a paper to him.

“Please see it!” She said.

John sat straight and took the paper.

“Don't you think this new alert is more useful?”

“No! It's not useful!” John looked at the paper instantly and threw the paper away.”

“We tried a lot.”

“Sir! It is one month that we put different alerts on the first page of our newspaper and nobody...”

“OK! OK! I know!” John said.

He changed his position.

“OK! Let's add a prize!” He said.

“Yes! Let's add a prize!” He told in a warmer and happier voice.

“OK! OK! Do it!” He said.

The secretary was wondered and she was looking at his hand when he was writing something quickly. Then her eyes became circled when he ended the note.



Lots of people  were standing at the newspaper shop and looking at one newspaper by the strange alert: One million dollar prize for the woman by the name of Kate!

There was sounds and wonders and they were talking with each other. A man picked up one of that newspapers.

“Look! What does it say?”

“A great prize!”



The office was crowded. Lots of women and men were there.

“Please! Please!” The secretary was confused by the crowd.

“What do you want sir?” She mentioned to a man standing there.

“Nothing!” He answered.

“Men! Please go out! Men! Please go out!” She began to guide the men out from the office. They started to leave when they were moaning. Then the secretary looked a an old woman.

“Are you Kate. Ma'am?!” The secretary said.

The woman didn't answer.

“No! Please! Are you the young 29 years old Kate with blue eyes?!”

John had been entered recently looked at the crowd and went to his room.



The servant came into John's room and put the food on his desk.

- Here you are, sir!

- Thank you.

John opened the cover to eat his lunch. He seemed confused. The secretary came in and she looked happy.

“There are some of them with signs of Kate!”

She put some pictures on his desk. The pictures were from their face with blue eyes, blond hair and blue collars.

“Thank you” John said and continued eating his lunch.

The secretary went out.



A woman was sitting on the chair with curly blond hairs and light eyes, a blue collar on a green blouse. The secretary smiled at her and she smiled back.

“I'm now eager to hear your story!' The secretary said.

“On that dark night I was with my brothers when I lost John...”

“OK! How did you lose John?” John asked sitting on another chair.


“No! No! Please Ma'am! It's obvious for me that Kate didn't have curly hairs!”

The woman became quiet for a moment.

“But I curled them!”

“And your eyes are green!”

“But the color of eyes could change in years. It's lots of years! I was only a little child at that time!”

John was quiet for some instants; he remembered Kate's blue eyes for a moment.

“Do you need money?” He said.

The woman wondered.

“Oh! John! How...”

“OK! OK!...”


“No! No!”

“Hey! John! Just wait a minute! Remember about Neman and Kevin...”

John stood up. The secretary was watching their quarrel.

“OK! No! No! You read it from the newspaper!”

“Neman was really bad-tempered with me and Kevin.”

Both of them became quiet.

“Was it also mentioned on the newspaper?” She said.

John didn't say anything. He looked at the woman and she smiled and then he became calm.



John and Kate were walking arm in arm. Kate was describing what happened to her after they lost each other. But John wasn't interested in it.

“OK! Let's go and eat something. OK?” John asked.

“OK!” The woman replied with an smile.


In the restaurant Kate was eating her lunch with lots of appetite and John was looking her.

“Do you remember I liked going restaurant so much?” Kate said.

“No! I don't!” John responded.

Kate smiled.

“Because I never told you.” She said.

“I remember you liked ice-cream so much but also you were afraid of becoming fat; even that you were a little girl.” John said. Then he concentrated on her waist and hip.

“And I think you didn't continue to pay attention to it anymore. You became fat!” He continued and smiled.

She smiled too but she didn't like his point.

“OK! I finished!” Kate said with lots of happiness. And they left the restaurant.



A woman was doing his job as a deliverer on a market also reading a newspaper near her hand on the desk. There was a big picture on the first page of it with a big title: Finally we found Kate! And the picture was from Kate and John with happy faces stuck to each other. The woman's face changed; she stopped delivering as she was staring at the newspaper with lots of anxiety in her blue eyes. A man came near to her and she sped up delivering the goods to the client.

The man stood by her. He was fat with black hairs and a black glasses on his eyes, but his face seemed to be old enough. He was quiet in some seconds, then mentioned: “I'm going to my next journey”

“OK!” The woman answered interrupting the delivery for a second to reply him. Then he went and the woman chased him with her eyes.



John was in his bed trying to sleep but he was failed. He went side to side, closed his eyes firmly and tried again to go sleep. Then he covered his head by his blanket..



When John came in, there was sound of quarrel. He went inside hurriedly. The deliverer woman was discussing with the secretary.

“Miss Kate has been found and the task is over!”

John went close to them calmly.

“What's going on?” He said.

“A new Kate!” The secretary said.

“I told her...” The secretary said.

“No! No! Wait!” John said.

Then stared at woman's eyes. There were tears in her beautiful eyes.

“What did you do?” She said.

“accepted a fake Kate?!” she added.

“I Am Kate!”

“OK! OK! Stop it!” John said with pale color in his face.

“I'm tired of all of you Kates! We found her and I was with her yesterday.” He added.

The woman stared on his eyes wonderingly.

“How could you do that?”

“How  Could  You  Do  That?”

Two men interrupted her talk by coming in and saying hello to John. They shook hands and John welcomed them to his room.



In the afternoon, there was nothing to do in the office and John was bored. He stood up and looked out from window. Then went out of his room and stood at secretary's desk.

“What was the quarrel this morning?” He said.

- You watched everything.

- OK! Do you have any phone number of her?

- Yes! She gave me a cart.

John took the cart. It was a food market and the address and phone number of the market on it. John remembered her beautiful blue eyes and wondered. Then he went back to his room.


John entered the market calmly. It was a big one. He walked through it calmly until he reached the other part. He found the yesterday woman busy with her job. John smiled when he saw her and stayed there. She raised her head and saw him and shocked for a moment, but then decided to continue her job. John went closer toward her calmly with his smile.

- Hi.

- Hi.

John pulled a chair near and sat on it.

“Would you please describe more about your yesterday claim?” John said in a slight sound after some moments being silent.

The woman stopped her job and sat calmly.

“I apologize about yesterday.” John said.

“No, it is not needed!” she laughed.

- OK! Describe!

- Describe what?! …  It's Obvious!  You accepted a stranger instead of me!  I Am Kate!

She looked straight in John's eyes.

“OK! OK! So why didn't you mention sooner?” John said.

“Didn't you see our previous alerts? It was nearly three months ago when we printed our first alert... Or didn't you hear from anyone about it?...” He continued.

She didn't say anything; just put a pile of newspapers on the desk. All of them was their newspaper. John was looking wonderingly. “I used to read it everyday.” She said and looked him again kindly. After some seconds she began to talk.

“John! Do you remember that night?” She mentioned.

“I was really frightened and really didn't know what to do. The only thing I knew was to follow my brothers. Do you remember that I didn't want to forsake your hand but you did it?” She smiled.

John remembered that day; he was holding Kate's hand but Neman was pulling her other hand. Little John decided to forsake her. He looked her for the last time; in the eyes full of frighten and beg... Little Kate's eyes faded in young Kate's blue eyes. Now they were full of tears. John was holding her left hand when he discovered deep remains of a scratch then it faded again on little Kate's hand when he left her at the last moment and caressed the bloody scar.

The tears fell down from young Kate's eyes.

“Kate! Oh! Kate!”

John went to the other side of the desk and embraced her head by his arms when she was crying desperately.



The waterfront had a upper platform with fences for people to walk and the down part was for boats and ships and passengers to get on. Kate and John were walking on the upper part. They were watching the blue calm water of the sea and listening to the sound of birds flying over it.

“OK! Describe about these nearly 17 years.. what did you do then?” John said.

“Actually I did everything!” Kate laughed.

“Beg.. Thieve!” She continued and looked at John.

“Then I began to work as a deliverer in this market. I stayed there.. It means.. he helped me and stayed me there.. And.. I became his wife..”

John was looking to the sea.

“What about your brothers?”

“I don't know anything about them.”

“Did you search?”


Kate became upset.

“Hey! Look at there!”

Kate pointed the bird flying on the sea and sometimes touching the water by its feet. It was like a dance. there was a smooth sound of the birds and sea waves.



A big picture of Kate's face was on the first page of the newspaper that was on the secretary's desk and she was watching it. Kate was smiling in the picture and the row of her white teeth were exposed. Under the picture there was an alert about Kevin and Neman. The secretary put the newspaper away and didn't seem to be very happy!



Another day; the secretary was busy by writing when she sensed a man standing by her desk. She looked him. A man with light eyes was smiling to her. He was so similar to young Kate but with sunburn skin. He didn't say anything. The secretary watched him for some moments.





Kate and Kevin were in a restaurant. They were happy and laughing. John came in and joined.

“I love you John!” Kevin said.

“Without you how could I find Kate?” he added.

They laughed.

“She is so beautiful. Isn't she?” Kevin continued.

“I was too busy with my job and I didn't have time to read newspapers, but one day by chance I saw a big picture of Kate on a newspaper and.. OH!.. See! How is the destiny!? It was written for me to find you!” Kevin said and looked at Kate.  He was really happy and also hungry eating so fast and simultaneously speak fast!

“And I came to the city immediately to see you!” he added.

Kate smiled and looked at John and he smiled too.

“Kevin! Tell me about your job.. Is it hard?” She said.

“Not hard.. you know.. Yes! Hard! You know.. always under the sun and work hard.. but the salary is really good!” Kevin said.

Kate smiled and looked at John again.

“I will buy a house soon, Kate!” Kevin said and laughed and they laughed too.



A new enthusiasm had been inspired in the office after coming Kate and Kevin. All employees were laughing and speaking happily. Kevin came in and after some talk with employees and laugh, he went to manager's room. John picked up his bag when he saw him.

“OK! I'm ready! Let's go!” John said

“Kevin! Do you want to work as a visitor here?”

“Oh! Really?”

They went out.



By the waterfront, John was standing and leaning to the fences watching the sea.

“OK! Tell me about Neman...” John said.

“What do you want to know?” Kevin said.

“What happened to him? Where is he?”

- I don't know.

- Who knows?

They stared for some moments to the sea, listening to the song of birds flying on it.

“Tell me about Love story between Kate and Neman.” John said slightly.

“There wasn't any love!”

- Sure?




Kate was talking with secretary when John arrived.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Hey Kate! There is an exhibition of art at the city. Don't you want to see it?

- So nice! Let's tell Kevin and go.

She smiled.

- Kate! See! I have bought a book about...

The telephone rang and the secretary answered it. After some minutes talking she put the phone then she looked at Kate and John. They were standing by each other and looking at John's book and laughing. John was wearing a new light blue suits.

Kate picked up her bag, said goodbye and went out.

John looked at the door some moments after she went. He seemed to be completely dizzy! Then he stood by the window and looked out. He went deeply in a thought. After a while when he decided to go out, he understood that all the time the secretary was looking him. She continued her look that was full of blame and smiled!



In the morning John went into the office and stood on secretary's desk.

“What's up?” He asked.

The secretary looked him without saying a word. John was still standing.

Now the secretary began to talk without looking at John:

“It's nearly one year that the title of first page refers to Kate! First Kate! Then Kate's brother! Then Kate's lover! Maybe after finding him you want to find Kate's mother, then father, then maybe another brother!...”

“OK! Wait please!”

The secretary put the newspaper with the bold title about Neman in the first page.

“Now look!” The secretary continued.

“No one is more eager to read our newspaper! It has become utterly useless!”


Kate had just arrived watching their quarrel and also other employees where there. John understood employees presence and decided to remain quiet. It seemed all of the employees had the same idea.



John went into the Police office with Kevin.

“Hi” John said.

The police officer was standing by his desk talking with phone, but when he attended by John's presence he put the phone and answered him warmly and shook hands with him. John was a bit surprised about that.

- Sir! Would you please do me a favor?

- What?

- There is a lost person from our family.

- Ohhhhh! The one from twenty years ago?

He laughed. John looked him wonderingly.

- I know your story! It's really entertaining! I read your newspaper everyday!

And he laughed again.

- OK! So would you …

- NO!

This time he became serious.

- Sorry Mr. .. , but Are you mad?!

- Sorry?

The officer just looked at John blamefully and went away.

John was just wondered. Kevin put his hand on his shoulder.

- Maybe he is dead!

John didn't rely anything.

“Hey! If he was alive, somebody would tell him about the news ...” Kevin continued.

John just went out and Kevin followed him and he was still talking.



Kevin went into the market. He smiled and gestured to Kate when he saw her. Kate also smiled and waved hand for him. Kevin went toward her.

- Hey, Kate!

- Hey.

- How are you?

- Thanks.

She smiled.

“Sit, please!” She continued.

She was busy by her customers. Kevin was looking them and after some moments sat.

- Kate! Where is you husband?

- He is on a journey.

- For 6 months?!

- Yes! Exactly!

- Oh! So nice! ... Is it a work journey?

- Yes!

- What kind of?

- I don't know!

- You don't know?!

- No!

Kate wasn't so interested in this conversation.

- He never tells me about details of his decisions... And I never ask.

- So nice!

They were silent for some moments.

- Kate! It appears Neman is dead.

Kate didn't respond. But then stopped working for an instant and sighed.

“Yes, It seems!”

Then she went deeply in a thought. She remembered the scene of that night when Neman was shot. He was mentioning them to leave him and run and they did.

“Do you think that he was dead that night or arrested?”

Kevin said; sounded he read Kate' thought.

“I don't know... Maybe he escaped from them” She said.

“He was really fast and strong and … self giving...” She added.

Her eyes became full of tears and looked at Kevin.

“Hey, Kate!” Kevin said in a slight sound.

“You should forget him... It's better for you” He said and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Hum?” He said and smiled.

Kate smiled and nodded and cleaned her tears.


John was sitting in his office room and looking at new printed newspaper. The alert on the first page  was about an accident that 15 person were dead in it.

John was deeply looking at it, then suddenly wrote a note and went out of his room, stood by secretary's desk; gave her the note and asked about printing it on tomorrow's first page of the newspaper. The secretary looked at the paper and read it:

“By regret, Finally we recognized Neman was dead 15 years ago.”

“Really?” she said.

- How did you understand?

- By our intelligence!

John replied and laughed.

- Do you remember about our alert of finding Kate?

- OK?

- That was the time the real Kate showed herself, so maybe...

- So maybe Neman shows himself after this alert!

- Exactly!

- But what else if the alert is true?!

She said and the smile on John's lips disappeared.



John was walking slowly in the street. He stood at a newspaper shop and was looking at the newspapers hanging on a line and some of them had become wet of recent rain. John was looking at newspapers when heard a voice calling him. Kate was at the other side of the sidewalk. Her hair had become a bit wet from the recent rain. They smiled and John went toward her.

- Hi!

- Hi!

- John! What are you doing here? I got surprised seeing you.

John didn't respond, just smiled and turned down his head and they went with each other.



They were walking in the mall. It was crowded. Kate was looking at cloths shops windows. At one of them she stopped and looked carefully. There were different kind of female cloths at the window with different colors.

“I think I really need a new cloth for new season!” Kate said and looked at John. It seemed John was absentminded!

- Oh! Yes! It is really needed!

- John! I think here is boring for you! Let's go out and walk by the waterfront... I know you like it!



At waterfront John and Kate were walking with each other. There was an obvious trace of Kate's love in John; Kate was talking and laughing in her kind manner and also John was laughing but his head was down. He was trying not to look through Kate's eyes and keep distance from her. Then he began to talk. They stopped for a moment to watch the sea and the birds and then began to walk again.



At the market place employees were gathered. Kate came in but suddenly stopped when she saw the gathered people and became surprised.

“What's going on?” She laughed and said.

All of them were quiet. But then one of them, a young man came ahead and stood looking Kate.

“Ma'am! Your husband is dead!”

Then he went back.

Kate was stuck with open eyes and mouth just looking the crowd with a big question mark in her mind.

“He had an accident in the way of coming back in one of his trucks.” Another old man mentioned.

“three months ago!” He added.

A trace of sadness appeared in Kate's face.

“Sorry Ma'am! But your husband died three months ago and you wasn't aware of it?!” A sound said!



Kevin was at newspaper office discussing with the secretary.

- I have lots of things to do today and I don't have time to …

- But sir! These newspapers should be delivered and you also should go to mayer to reserve an appointment and …

The secretary began to search in her calendar for new tasks.

Kevin picked up the packs of newspapers. John was there and helped him.

“Where is Kate?” John asked.

“I don't know.” Kevin answered. There was lots of newspapers in his hands. He tried to go out of the office. John opened the door for him.



John and Kate were at waterfront walking arm in arm. Kate was wearing a long light blue dress showing her femininity in  a beautiful way. John looked at her. Kate was looking at the sea, then looked at him and smiled.

- John! Where is your mother?

- She stayed at the city and didn't come with me here.

John said and smiled and looked her. There was a reflection of the sea waves, shining in her eyes.

The platform ended nearby the sea. They stopped and kissed. Her dress was shivering by the wind.

Down, in the sea, three little children were sitting on a corrupted boat and the two boys were paddling.

“Hey! Kate!” Kevin shouted.

“Put your feet out of the water!” He added.

Neman turned back his head and looked at her. The little girl put her feet out of the water calmly, looking the beautiful woman wearing long blue dress kissing a handsome man; disappearing little by little when their boat where going further and further.


The sea was beautiful; Sun was shining and its golden rays were glinting on the sea calm waves.

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