On Competition

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Competition is not bad.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



To create and/or to destroy is one of the very nature of humans; and I would like to express my thought pertaining on their ability to create. Creation or invention or development or whatever you may call it simply shows that humans are, and will always be, in a constant state of progression. As long as humanity endure in the grasp of mather nature, progression is inevitable. And whether they like it or not, they can never be static. They are always dynamic. That's one basic proof that they are living. Surviving.

Due to their very nature to move forwad, they desire to gain and gain and gain. This is the fulfillment of their very instinct: hunger. And I believe that this is the main reason why humans wants to continually strive to create and produce something. Creating something makes them gain something. Hence, 'creating' satisfies their hunger to gain.

Their desire to create and to gain manifests on the progress the society has today. It can be seen how they try to develop things, such skyscrapers and the like - higher and bigger and better. These creations portrays man's capacity and potential. These have been their trophies and image - an expression of who they really are of what they really are, of how ambitious they are. However, this can also be the manifestation of man's greediness for fame, power, and richness. Thus,  they compete and compete and compete - a survival instinct that can never be undone, and that will always be part of who they really are.

Thus, having all these in mind, I can say that, to create and develop is essentially good. And I believe that competition is not really that bad for it is one of the very nature of humans. Competition has become their motivation in order for them to create, to develop, and to progress. By that, I can say that competition is a benefit as well.

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