How It All Began

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The world began with one thing- the act of disobedience. This is the tale of how our world was created from sin...
This was a project that I did in school, so it is a FICTIONAL version of how the earth was created. There may be some similarities of the known stories of how the earth began.

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014




How it All Began

Once upon a time, there was nothing in our galaxy except the darkness and a being who was later called the Most Balanced One. This being created the galaxy as we know it, and the galaxy would be called “The Milky Way” millions of years later. The being was neither male nor female, but rather both. In a sense, this being was female, for She “gave birth” to our galaxy and everything in it.

The Most Balanced One created the Jinns and the nine guardians who were tasked with the duty to guide them away from evil. The nine guardians’ names were: Mercury, Earthea, Marcia, Venicia, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturnia, Urania and Plutonia. They did their duty faithfully for thousands of years, and all the beings lived in balanced harmony.

However, the Most Balanced One had set one rule upon the Jinns that She could not forgive if broken: the Jinns must stay pure and chaste. While they lived in the land they were designated to, male and female must not join together in the Forbidden Act of Sin. The nine lands each had a guardian to protect it, and the Jinns lived in all the lands except Earth, the guardian Earthea’s domain. Yet, even with the attentive guardians to watch over them, the Jinns still managed to stray from good and do the unforgivable: they commited the Forbidden Act of Sin.

Enraged, the Most Balanced One ordered all the Jinns who did the unforgivable annihilated. The guardians rounded them up, and with a snap of Her fingers, the unsuspecting Jinn were erased from existence. The names of these beings were also erased from the minds of every being but the Most Balanced One.

Right after the Jinn were erased, the eight guardians (excluding Earthea) presented a being never to be seen before: a baby Jinn. Now, before the rules had been broken, Jinns had been created by the Most Balanced One and emerged fully formed and mature, and so did not grow from childhood as we humans do today. So when the guardians presented the baby Jinn, it was said that Most Balanced One fell in love with the first being that She had not directly created.

She ordered the guardians to treat him like their most precious treasure, and with another snap of her fingers, She made Evangelina, the first human. Evangelina was also the first female being to be made a baby to grow into an adult. The Most Balanced One had feared that Issa, the baby Jinn, would grow lonely, so Evangelina was to become his companion. 

Issa and Evangelina kept each other company for many years, for they had stopped aging after they had fully matured. After a while, the Most Balanced One decided that Evangelina should give birth to a human child the way that Issa’s mother had given birth to him. So She created Amadan, the first male human. The three beings, two humans and a Jinn, were happy, and Amadan and Evangelina came to find the feeling of love in each other. However, Isssa also felt love for Evangelina, but Evangelina dd not return the feeling.

Thus, when the Most Balanced One commanded all the beings to bow down to Amadan, Issa did something no being had ever done before.

He disobeyed.

The Most Balanced One, enraged by this disgusting behavior, cast Issa into Earthea’s domain, to be alone for eternity. He could see and hear Evangelina and Amadan, but he could never physically be with them. 

Amadan and Evangelina grieved for their lost friend, but life continued. The Most Balanced One told them that they were free to do anything they wished, except drink from the River of Sin. The water from the river was blood red, and called nhesha. The Most Balanced One informed them that if they took a swallow of the water, then they would be dealed with the same fate as Issa.

Upon hearing this, Issa immediately started to plot the couple’s downfall. Issa still loved Evangelina, and would have done anything to to have her with him, no matter if Evangelina wanted it or not.

While the Most Balanced One had banished Issa, She had not taken away any powers that he had as a Jinn. So Issa projected a creature in front of the couple, falsely informing them that they were allowed to drink from the River of Sin now. Amadan and Evangelina, never hearing a lie before, were ecstatic upon hearing this. They rushed to the river and drank to their heart’s content. 

The Most Balanced One, knowing what had happened cast the couple into Earthea’s domain. But She was lenient in their punishment, and made so that Amadan, Evangelina, and their descendants could all get to Heaven, the Most Balanced One’s domain, if they were good on Earth. However, if they were evil, they would be cast into Hell, which ten became Issa’s domain. Issa later became known as “Satan” when the story of Issa was retold. Amadan and Evangelina became known as “Adam” and “Eve”, and the Most Balanced One became known as “God”. The lands of the nine guardians became known as “planets”, but the guardians themselves were forgotten. In the absence of the guardians (who moved to the Most Balanced One’s Domain of Heaven and were renamed “angels”), the Jinns left the lands and eventually moved to Earth, walking among the human descendants of Amadan and Evangelina.

The creation of our world was not the best that it could have been. It only goes to show that humans aren’t even close to being the best creatures to ever live, with Satan going around and taking his revenge upon the humans with the help of his minions. Unfortunately, this also tells us that evil has the upper hand most of the time. But never despair, for if the lessons of this story are learned, the evil will not attempt to touch your soul.

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