The truth about animal testing.

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In this article I discuss product testing on animals and why I consider it to be rutheless.

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



  It is well in my understanding that America is a very organized and extensive democracy. I however am one of the many who understand that although we are great we are very distant rom perfect, and in this particular article I' d like to discuss something that has been an issue for quiet some tome now, but it has still been put aside and left deficient. This great issue is testing of products on animals.

Many will disagree with me, while many will take my side of the argument, but the reason why I personaly consider animal testing a very wrong and cruel thing to practice is because I don't see the sence in why innocent, living animals have to be harmed and put through pain and torture just so we can buy another cosmetic product. After all, the animals have nothing at all to do with the products, but we make it so they have no choice. It has been calculated that in 2002 1,438,553 animals, which are required to be recorded before performing tests ( dogs, cats, hampsters, guinea pigs and primates ) have been used in labratory experiments for testing products. Out of all those animals, the majority has ether been tortured to death or have been killed bythe products.

  Although the health of animals is important, i also agree that the health of human beings isn't any less important, but what I think would be the right thing to do

is test products in ways other than on animals. Afterall, there are many successful product brands that are against animal testing , many of those brands actually  appeared to succede more than brands that do use animal testing.

  When we think of animal testing, we also have to consider the fact that before the animals are tested on, they are kept in very bad condition and numerous of animals are placed into the same cages which are barely big enough for one animal. Living in cages can be a big problem for intelligent animals like dogs, cats, pigs, and primates who become tremendously lonely and bored unless they have things to play with or ways to get more exercise. So now, considering these facts, would you agree with me if I called animal abuse laws hypocritical? It infact is hypocritical in addition to many other things because America considers animal abuse wrong and people which practice animal abuse are suverely punished. Well, in that case howcome animal testing is still legal if it is actually more damaging to animals than some animal abuse cases?

  I trully encourage you to reconsider animal abuse and to start seeing the wrong in it. Although I can't force you, I can tell you that no matter who you are, animal testing can be stoped if we all unite. "Well, how can I make a diffrence? " you may ask yourself, but belive it or not every little thing counts. Simply by using products that haven't been tested on animals you can help save a helpless animal who may be tooken into a home and who may help put smiles on peoples faces. AAnd remember, there will always be planty of products, so is another brand of lotion or mscara really worth something as cruel as death af a poor animal?



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