The monster.

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Well, it's about one of the things I struggle with most. It may be triggering so reader discretion is advised.

Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013



I feel the monster awakening inside

The thirst for blood

The hunger for pain 

This urge to hurt myself 

is just one that I cannot explain 


I hear the voice in my head 

It tells me I'm worthless 

It tells me I'm fat 

It tells me I'm ugly

It tells me I'm not much to look at 


The river flows down my face

The dam has breached  

The stone walls have collapsed 

I crumble to pieces 

Haunted by the nightmares of my past 


Make my heart stop beating,

I wish for my final breath 

Anything to make the hurt stop

To put and end to my suffering 

To stop the tear drop 


I sit on the floor,

My back against the wall, 

I need that blade, 

To feel the pain, 

Oh will someone please come to my aid? 


As time runs out 

I give in to my urge 

I run the blade across my skin 

Each cut deeper than the last, 

To the monster, I give in


I pray for the strength, 

For the courage to do it again, 

To kill the beast, 

That lives with in 


The red stream trails down my limb

Mesmerised by the colour, 

By the hidden beauty of the inflicted pain, 

I put my weapon down, 

And promise to never cut again 


I know this promise

Is one that won't last, 

For the creature that lives in me, 

Won't stop till it's too late, 

It'll devour me, consume me, 

Just you wait. 

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