Mutually Assured Destruction

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
One lost solider, One last mission. Can he prevail against the last one he trusted?

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



DAY 134

"Remember our Deal huh? our promise? Its Over Jason. Its Over!"


"No I cant I just NO! You wont stop me here, ive come to far to be beaten by you. Ive Killed hundreds of these things and even more of our own. You wont stop me... I will finish this."

"Jason you pull that trigger we both die and you know that, im not going to let you throw away your life. This isnt why we are here, this isnt what we are fighting for. Remember who the real enemy is J come on man please don't make me shoot you."

"YOU PATHETIC RUNT! you think you can stop me huh? Our bond is severed! theres nothing left."

"Thats not true J you and me both know it!"

"You know Nothing not anymore, Its changed Ben its all come down to this."

"You put a bullet in his brain that makes you no better than him! You end his life but give life to all the creatures that we lay waste too."

"I told you that you know Nothing Ben, I've been seeking this kind of power ever since Day 1"

"You kill him and go out there a hero? is that how you think this will go? The General will just give you a medal for keeping his plans unfucked?!"

"No but im pretty sure killing the only thing, the only man that can save this world you find oh so great will at least redeem me!"

"Jason Stop!"


"J NO!"

A flash, and a shudder and it  was all over. The silence remained, to which I Embraced, welcomed it. Thats all I could do.

DAY 24

"I Love putting these fuckers down,one by one bullet by bullet HA!"

"J come on man save some for me"

In War having Jason fighting beside me was the best, wouldn't have it any other way. It wasn't just because he was was best friend, it was due to the alone fact he was a badass. Never did he ever run away from a tough fight nor did he ever shy away from the most dangerous and heart aching missions. Suicide runs were his specialty.

"Left side Left side!" 

"J you got that man?"

"Yeah yeah bad guy monster thing left side damm."

Drawing back his gun loading a fresh mag and swinging the barrel to left I could feel the thrill erupting from him.

"Whoooo Motherfuckers!"

Jason had just unloaded a full magazine into this mutated monsters face. Its head popped like balloon and the body crumpled to the floor in a mess of blood and brains.

"Did you see that Ben? That freak went face first in the Dirt!"

"Hell Yeah J we kicked ass, Sarge wont drill us in  for fucking up this time."

"Damm right he wont Ben, well maybe you but I aint taking his shit no more."

We walked backed to camp that day happy, not a fraction of guilt on our minds. Well not yet at least

DAY 38

"J Im not liking this."

"Whats up B?"

"These files, these monsters we are slaughtering."

"Dont tell me your getting soft on me now pal? come on they are savages they arent human."

"Yeah I get that but its what they are that scares me man, look at this. These are our own people. Families loved ones fellow solders. We arent fighting a War to save humanity J. We are fighting humanity we are the ones making these monsters."

"No that isnt right Ben think straight get your head back in the Game."

"Look, look at these. files upon files of plans to destroy cities and turn them into battlefields. They are testing chemical weapons that leave no trace and no explanation to what caused the infection."

"Ben the General said stay away from here for good reason, not for you to reveal this crazed story, lets go."


"What Ben?"

"Your with me right?"

"With you what Ben"

"To always do the right thing, always have my back?"

"Man im standing in front of a heavily secured base camps generals door waiting for you to piss on some stupid theory that the government is evil so im guessing thats a stern yes."

"Right lets go then."

DAY 87

"Theres too many"

"J we can make it just stay with me here man."

I was nervous and scared. We were close to a U.S Lab just east of the first city where the infection started. Whether or not id like finding the truth out it was here staring me in the face.

"Ben up on that roof, spitters!"

These monsters had evolved. Back in the earlier days the sky was always blue and these guys had two arms two legs and a ugly face to which I happily laid led into. Now they are tougher, faster and stronger. Some have no arms lots of legs some have lots of arms and no legs yet each one of these sick freaks had there own way of leaving you a crumpled former shell of a man even if it didn't kill you. The sky was now always a dark blood red. Warm and eerie from the smoke of the wreckage left in the wake of the missile strikes. It was now full blown war the containment didn't work the virus fought back twice, three times as hard. Its a war, and we are losing.

"Watch that spit, its poison."

Seconds too late as the spitter claimed another recruit. Not even a week into his time.

"Jason you alright?" I shouted. The reply back was as reasuring as ever

"Fuck yeah I am. If I keep this up Im going to run out of Freaks."

We fought hard towards the lab , The objective was to clear an area for the new team to land but we had other things on our minds. As the rest of the squad fought back the assault Myself and Jason exited the combat zone and pushed through to the lab. We kicked down the doors and did a quick sweep of the facility. Room by room was filled with test subjects, vials and piles of broken bones, broken bodies and broken souls. Again I stumbled across a Chief Scientist office, broke in the door and searched for evidence. My Body was heavy and gun strap lay heavy on my neck and my ammo belt was light. I gathered as many files as I could and was escorted out by my trusted friend.

"This is fucked Ben this is not what we signed for!"

"We are going to end this J me and you finish this now."

"How? look at this place everything is just fucked!"

I had to blank J out for a bit so I could study the data more, to show him that this was a man made virus with a man made cure. The documentation was difficult to understand but I got the main message.

"J here right here." 

I pointed at the last piece of paper stating the origins of the virus and where to get the cure.

"Awful lucky to have everything here isn't it Ben?"

"This was never supposed to happen like this J so count ourselves lucky alright? This was the main lab im surprised there wasn't a squad sent to take it back."

"Maybe they didn't want it to end, I mean they did start it right?"

"Lets hope not J."

DAY 133

"Almost there man this is the last push and you know it."

"Ben we have killed so many soldiers Im not doing this anymore."

"We have fought past all odds Man come on, we go in we save this bastard then we leave end of."

"Yeah end of."

"Tomorrow we storm the building from the bottom to the top, the infection got here faster than we thought but thats only going to slow them down not us alright?"


At this point we had been through it all. Earlier in our assault we had to kill our own men, people we fought beside. I think the hardest part wasn't pulling the trigger, it was watching them fall. They didn't fall like the monsters. They fell and hit the ground hard yes but it hit something inside of you twice as hard. I don't know if its my soul but whatever it is. Its dying...


"Jesus man its been a hell of a trip huh?"

I just looked at J and smiled. 

"Together from the start to the end huh?"

"Man Ben that a promise. Sounds kinda Gay but its a promise."

"Never one for deep moments huh?"

"Nope Ben never but hey im a man remember unlike some."

He sniggered and I laughed 

"So that a promise then yeah J?"

"Yes Ben"

"Good I mean Im not worried we are the best in the Business and its not like the world is going to end tomorrow right?"

"Exactly now lets go im not missing Sarges introduction speeches and feeling the wrath of his 1000 press up challenge."

DAY 134

I Embraced the silence, that was all I could do. I took the gun down to my side and sobbed. I didn't see it. I didn't see Jason turning into that kind of man. We were both shells of men, people who existed only on the field. I hauled the Chief Scientist over my left shoulder and carried him out of the H.Q.

He was right it was over. But I didn't win and nor did he.

I lay the scientist down outside. I gave him my gun ammo bag of supplies and a map to the nearest Safe Zone. Whether or not it was safe or not was not my concern. I had nothing but Jason and a promise, and I intended on keeping it. When the Scientist had disappeared out of view I drew my side arm from my pocket aimed it at my Head and just embraced that silence

"Together To The End J"






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