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Of Hairbands and Mirrors

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



It was quite derivative. That was a new word she had learned just yesterday and she planned on using it regardless of the newness of what she saw tonight. She stood in front of the inadequately sized mirror stooping to her previous height, her face half blocked with tiny toy animals hung with nooses of broken hair bands and frayed string. She still couldn’t get used to being back. If everything had been different then she would have understood, it had been seventeen years after all, but it wasn’t. As soon as she entered the room she felt that she was inhibiting that same little girl forced to choose between the only two people who cared about her young life. For a second she almost regretted the decision she had been so inadequately prepared to make but it was the memory of a period when the only blood she had seen was in accidents and pain on TV. Though she knew that adulthood would have swallowed her regardless she still longed to talk to her headstrong past as an ignorant stranger not to change her mind but to allow her to fully consider the options and be sure of her decision, sparing herself a life of wondering what could have been so that maybe, just once, she could feel happy in her own skin. But maybe things had changed here too and she was just too far removed from the past to notice, taking the sense of the place rather than the specifics. Yes, it was rather a holistic assessment and with this thought she was pulled back into the present her mind recaged after a brief wander. That would be a good response to a number of topics of conversation, a wonderful putdown, not too rude to cause general but assertive and sounded knowledgeable even if she wasn’t certain of its exact meaning.

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