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Sleep the Clock Around

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



Today they went out but inside her head she stayed in bed with the covers wrapped around her body like yesterday. The troubles that she had differentiating between fact and fiction had never been a problem for her but other people couldn’t deal with it. She assumed they were jealous that they could never remove themselves from their immediate situation without ‘copious amounts of mood altering substances’ was how the newspapers had described it, though they were probably hypocritical coke whores themselves.

They used to call her simple, Simple Sue though sue wasn’t even her name; still never let that get in the way of good alliteration. Still she could cope with that. She could even cope when her teachers called her to patronising meetings in cupboards converted shabbily into interview rooms and offered advice in the form of similar incidents that had happened to them in their youth, which were mostly either irrelevant or attempted to outdo her own. Still as she said, it wasn’t really a problem from the inside, these things barely are, the problem was how it affected other people and the responses it evoked. The funny thing was, if you have a particularly morbid sense of humour that the people who tried to help were much more of a problem than those who pointed and laughed. It was even worse with people who were trained to deal with these kinds of situations. They seemed to think they possessed some amazing insight which would be beyond anyone else but acted as if they had simply read a children’s encyclopaedia article on psychology taking it to be in some way similar to improvised acting but without an audience who may criticise there lacklustre performance and hair.

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