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Of Static and Silence

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



so finally he spoke. It had been years since a word had passed through his cracked lips and he wasn’t sure that it had come out as he intended. The looks that he evoked from the crowd shrouding his diminished height could easily have been in shock at how he had said it rather than the meaning of the words he had presented and from his experience in the past 12 months (and even before that some) people didn’t listen to most of what as around them, descending on sparkly things to occupy their every fetish. When presented with the truth it would hardly be their fault if they couldn’t comprehend what it meant, but who, then, deserved the blame that he had let consume his heart. No matter, he cleared his throat of a lifetime of static and started again. Right back at the beginning this time. No, even that wouldn’t do it would have to be the very beginning Not the most exciting place to start but surely the most comprehensible to the strangers these people had become.

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