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Of Radio Silence

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



And she cried as the last broadcast echoed over the airways, even then she knew that there would be no more, though nothing official had been announced and it seemed now never would be, everyone knew what was occurring and though publicly they were almost celebratory, a glance in their general direction would tell eve the least sensitive man that their imitation of joy was so much less than half hearted as to make perfectly clear that their hopes had been cut from their chests. The result of the autopsy was inconclusive, while their seemed to have been a slight reduction in the hate they felt towards the end this had crossed to the wrong side of hopelessness and their profits were starting to suffer for it was near impossible to predict anything in such a changeable climate.

Changeable, that would be her special word to remember. She had learnt it from the radio weather reports and it always evoked images of her family huddled around to ensure that things were going favourably. They would never know now so, she supposed, it would always be changeable to her with equal chance of rain or shine because she had no way of knowing. Whenever she heard the word she would think of what hey had done and she wouldn’t ever be able to forgive them for it even if she might want to.

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