the sparrows and the farrow

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the builder's broken sparrow is laid finally to rest but not a member of the farrow shows the slightest of bereft

Submitted: April 09, 2007

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Submitted: April 09, 2007



Her hair was burning, she was no longer the youth of today, she had become the adulthood of tomorrow, absolving all the background sorrow of a society of frippery. It made them happy or they appeared to be happy when it passed them, the proximity highlighting how devoid of it they were, above it , more than that at least, if not for the worst there would be no protection from the voices of self doubt and the ennui that followed. The homeless made them glad for their poverty not to be abject as the objections of those with little were made irrelevant by those with none. Those truly with out deserved it in the eyes of those of merely lacking for their drugs and their laziness. They hadn't played by the rules so the rules hadn't protected them as the rulers would their loyal followers, warmth for sorrow a fair exchange for a better tomorrow for someone else, someone far away and holy, far away and untouchably better, who'd never be you and who'd'ever not be true to the following of a star, great treasures are led to, beyond wild dreams suppressed and passageways and stairwells and doors and doors and doors and rooftops and falling, falling down before but maybe next time, next time differences though similarities prevail over and over until.. wrong escalator, other broken. skip a go or leave town but keep trying because not them, never them, better, not how you were raised, heading up there or if not then staying here and making a go of it, never down again, don't risk it, follow orders, keep trying again and over again and over until properly over with the proper procedures and a comfortable coffin paid for, well, splinters but, don't complaion, don't want to be him, never him bum, street, sleep, laze, fail child, never not . till. i. die. which now that I think about it happened a long time ago, too long to remember not long enough to forget or to forgive so give in to it, get into it, put your head down and stay vigilant but not vigilante. don't be stupid, just follow the rules, just follow the stupid rules, these stupid rules you follow, stupid to follow these rules, stupidity rules, you just follow, follow us, follow us, down, down, down, don't forget to apply breaks while turning.

*a farrow is a litter of pigs*

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