'' My Mind, My Pen

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a metaphoric outlook of the connection of my mind and my pen...

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Like one hand washing the other

This is how my mind and my pen works

one my say they are simuliar to brothers

or those with those special perks

but one thing, for sure, they are one

united by the same purpose

moving in rhythm, to the beat of the drum

even though nervous, they still provide quality service

true to everything not heard

opposite of what has been seen

always seeked, like a place you reserve

inspiration comes from the bible, and the the words inbetween

complex tactics, yet simple message intended

many times confused with being verbally combative

refreshing like a drink well blended

opposite of a stranger, and closer than your closes relatives

a mystery to common mind thinking

learned lessons, from harwoods, field turfs and backwoods

always being extraordinary in this thing could word leaking

sorta like the one  you nervous to seek, but you know u should...one luv


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