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Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013



If the saying is, all good things must come

to an end, then my saying is, it must not

been that good to begin, trying to see 

the glass half full, but knowing after a

couple more sips, it's gone, so that's some bull

doing the same thing, expecting different results

is the definition of insanity, but in order to

perfect something, one has to repeatly perform it, so

there goes that formality, opposites attract,

but someone forgot, to tell us, how opposites

interact, now how could they leave out that fact

now if I don't believe in something, then I will

fall for anything, I fail to see the difference,

since there is no I in team, the sky is the limit,

many feel this is a gimmick, but I've witnessed

to many living it, and One's like self, that are so close,

we can feel it, money is the root of all evil,

just another misuse of GOD's word,

to stop you from feeding His people,

magnificent minds were made to combine,

so I introduce myself, to everyOne, who understand these lines...one luv

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