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Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



Would I contradict myself, if I told you i held Jesus dear

while drinking or holding some beer..

Would I contradict my faith and belief

if i told you, sometimes I have thoughts of a thief...

Would I contradict my love i have for my wife

if I told you sometimes i wish i were living the single life..

Would I contradict the peace I hold in my heart

if i told you, step up to challenge me, I must tear you apart...

Would it be a contradiction to call myself the One, like Neo

Before you answer and contradict  yourself, remember, you are talking about me though..

Could your perception of me be a contradiction

Because i use double negatives and sometimes vulgar diction...

If I played Matlock, and gathered all the facts about something that was fiction

could we put that in the category, of an contradiction...

If I told you to move by faith and don't plan out your mission

in your heart, would you hold that as a contradiction..

cut by my daily afflictions, living thru words is my addiction

if you are here now, then you are truly blessed

so i leave you with an one luv and much success.

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