Lisa In New York

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A book review of the book Lisa In New York by H.Q.Mitchell.The book tells the story of a girl who wins a first prize ticket to New York in a quiz show.

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012




This book's author is H.Q.Mitchell.He has got a lot of book series for MM publications.I love his books because they are very interesting like Lisa ?n New York.Lisa in New York is a mysterious adventure book because it includes some running after a person.This book's time is present,and its place is New York.Main Characthers of this book is Lisa and George but a person cooler  then Lisa and George.

In Just an ordinary day,Lisa gets up and she checks her e-mail box.She waits a high value e-mail from a web page.She waits because she solves an exam in internet.The exam's first prize is a ticket to New York.She wants to travel to New York. And she screams like”Y?haaaaaaaaa,”.She screams because she wins the first prize.She is going to New York!When she arrives at New York, her uncle and aunt will host her.Also a lot of adventure awaits for her.?n the story Lisa sees a lot of places like Statue of Liberty and M.M.A.She meets some people and she gains some general culture.

I think this book is very informative for people.Because it guides you to New York.When you read this book you fell like in America.Also we can use it like a tour map.Other students want to like this book because it advises peace and friendship.These two advices are useful for our social relationships.My favourite place is Metropolitan Museum Of Art because it has got a lot of ancient mythology art and a big Dendur Temple from Egypt.?t is very interesting isn’t it?Who doesn't want to see some mythology art?

I recommend this book for my family,my friends and my curious teachers so for everyone.Because it teaches you a lot of things about New York.Things means,places and sports in New York.Finally,a good line from the book is Chapter 1 page 4:’’Yes,Mum,you won’t believe it!I won first prize in the online quiz-a ticket to New York City!’’because it means we can win a lot of things with our intelligence.

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