Doubting God and his powers, and realising that you need to make the change because it won't all happen for you.

What damage you cause, God,

Millions die,

Family don't give a sod,

They've heard loved ones cry.

It's not fair, what you do,

Catastrophic events,

Leaving only a few,

To go on in remembrance.

Why do you do it?

Are you there?

Can we just quit?

Why won't you answer prayer?

If God will not aid,

It's up to us,

So's we don't fade,

We need to suss,

What's going on,

What's causing the damage,

Where it's all from,

And if we can manage.

No-one else will care,

It's the humans' job,

To find what's there,

And to move things along.

Submitted: April 02, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Mewgmtm. All rights reserved.

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