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This message is for all citizen of india

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012






ALL writers start their story in a way that is appreciated by most of the reads, but I am not a writer. I a simple Indian teen who is very my upset by the way Indian Democracy is been seen or taught it’s not the spirit of it, we must have the idea how to deal with the problems that we have, I am very much aware of the problems that Indian people face every day. Most of our brothers and sisters are hungry and starving day by day, but we bloody bustard are always busy to see what is good for our luxurious life we don’t care for anyone. In morning pledges we show how good we are by reciting Indian pledge 3 times in all major languages Hindi, Sanskrit and English but in real life we are cowards we don’t have courage’s to go against the system. We are all beast tied with chains so that we can’t express our feelings we had to follow what are seniors say, If we are making friendship with a girl is seen that we doing something illegal beyond what is right we fools don’t have any sense of about what is right or what is wrong, What others say we blindly believe it,  without any doubt, I think this is the only reason why we non-sense were been ruled by British of about 200 years, an amount of time that is unimaginable if we had to think the we need 4 life spam, as in India most of us lead our life about only about 70 years or less. My own grandpa had died when I was just of 8 months, he died at age of 63 years, i listened many stories from my mother how he loves me, when I was born in my house there was no electricity so he brought a herican (a type of lamp powered by Kerosene) with his pension, ya it’s too small gift for most of us but for me it’s something special, As it was been purchased so that I can lead a luxurious life. I don’t have any sympathy for that old fellow as I had listened about him in stories when I saw I was pretty small to understand who was he? My own aunty died during her collage tenure due to diabetes and can’t complete her education.


It’s not that any of us not tried to break that chain but who ever tried was been killed destroyed and left helpless is the society of fools having superstition, believe if they pay to that stone idol (GOD) all their problems will we solved without doing any hardship, many Indians tried to go against system but none of them were successful like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Netaji subash Chandra bose all of them were killed. In fact Rabindra nath Tagore the famous multi-talented personality is been tortured even after death, we bloody bustard can’t save his Nobel Prize that was been gifted by him to us and we say that we are the children of the same mother without any hesitation, we must be ashamed of our act instead we walk in the streets with cars, stylish mobiles, dresses, branded watches. And we remember him in days of independence or Rabindra Jayanti and we again forget him the next day after a bloody showoff, I think we all must be hanged for our irresponsible behavior against our country.


All these examples are of old type so I thought to give you a new example, few months back railway budget for 2012 was introduce in which the fares of trains was requested to be increased as it was not increased from 10 years, but what was treatment given by our elected politicians to that railway minister (Dinesh Trevidi) he was dismissed from his post as he increased the prices and thought to improve our railway system, as rail in our country plays a vital role it is also the lifeline of many major cities in our country, He had gone against the wishes of the political giants and deserved the punishment given. In India all minister work to impress people so that they can win next elections none of minister thought to develop our country standards.

I personally think that all parties don’t want to enlighten our younger citizen with education as if they got proper knowledge the will think before  giving their votes to any respective party and won’t sell their valuable votes to get some amount of money.

I think politics is very interesting but the way politics is done in our country in name of democracy is wrong. We teens are future and most vital resource for our country and have power to change it in future.

But we can’t alone blame minister for our country miserable condition yet they are responsible for our welfare, but we too have some responsibilities towards our country. We say that why roads are not made or repaired but how many of us take care of that roads when built we throw garbage’s on it and do whatever nuisance with it. And if any one asked why we are doing this filthy work we have only answer that all do the same so what’s the problem doing it? All these are inter-linked with each other and so we are?

We all need to think in a different way rather from what is been taught or described to us, we need to use our God gifted brains as it makes us most powerful creature in this living world.


Tomorrow golden future requires the help of all the citizen of our country and old, young, teens, etc. all must participate in making a dream country.



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