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Here is a story I wrote a very LONG time ago, I just found it so yeah, needs work but hope you like it!

Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011



Just a dream

By: Megan Herrick



There was a light breeze were ever I was. I didn't recognize my surroundings. I walked farther, then I rubbed my eyes from the blurriness, and I can see were I was. I was on top of a building. How did I get here? I looked around, and didn't remember any of this. Why was I on top of a building? There was a thudding noise coming from behind me, like someone else was here, but when I turned to look, nothing, I was alone, on top of a really high building. The sun was just rising from ahead, and the sky was filled with fog. I was terrified of heights, so why would I be here? I had no idea. For some reason I was walking towards the edge. I tried to tell myself to stop moving, if I got any closer it would be my fate. I couldn't force myself to stop. My legs wouldn't stop moving no matter how hard I tried. I was at the edge and didn't want to look at the ground that would soon crush all the bones in my body.

My eyes were closed and my body flew off the building. I screamed as I felt the air smacking me in the face as I fell and when I opened my eyes I was in my bed. I tried to breath and whipped the sweat that was dripping from my forehead. Just a dream, I said under my breath. I could of sore that I was on top of a building, but I'd rather it be a dream. I was too scared to sleep, maybe next time my dream would last longer, and I didn't want to die, even if it was in my sleep. I sat up on my bed, trying to keep myself up, but it seemed impossible to keep my eyes open. I let them fall for two seconds and jolted when I felt a gust of air breath down my neck. I quickly opened my eyes and I wasn't in my bed. Was I dreaming again? I only closed my eyes for two seconds, how could I fall asleep so fast?

How do I get off this building? I was on top of the building again, but the edge was not in sight. The building looked like it went on forever, and plus it was cold and the breeze made me tremble like crazy. This had to be a dream, but I had to wake up sometime. Abruptly the fog crossed the building and the edge was in sight, and  closer than I thought. I blinked and I was at the edge. What was going on? How was I moving? I once again closed my eyes knowing my fate. And once again when I opened my eyes I was in my bed. I tried to control my breathing and  to figure out why I kept having this insane dream. I glanced toward the clock and saw the time, I was almost late for work. I jolted out of bed and got ready, got in my car and headed for the office. When I walked in I had a message waiting for me at my desk, listening to it I knew who it was immediately, my best friend Melisia.

She said she wanted to talk to me, and that she was downstairs. I went downstairs and asked Jade at the desk if she saw her."Yeah I saw her earlier today and she went to the rooftop and told me tell you not to wait up for her, that she would take care of the problem." She said not even a little bit concerned. I knew what she meant by the message. She went through a depression, and was on the rooftop to get rid of all her pain the easy way. Right when it clicked I ran as fast as I could to stop her. I got to the rooftop and looked around, but couldn't see anything in the fog. This place seemed familiar, like I've been here before. I was here before, in my dream. My dream was trying to tell me something, that this was going to happen. I walked closer to the edge terrified to look down, that I might be too late. I looked over the edge, and didn't see anything, with a sigh of relief, I looked around.

If she didn't jump yet she had to be here some were. I looked over the edge, it was a long drop, abruptly there was a cold gust of air breathing down my neck and made my spine tremble. I heard her voice whisper something in my ear." I knew you would be stupid enough to show up here." The voice said." What are you talking about you're the one that was stupid enough to even think about jumping off the rooftop." I told her." Oh, I'm not the one jumping." When she said this her hands were on my shoulders and pushed my body off the building. I didn't understand why she would do this. As I fell the air smacked me in the face and stung my suddenly frozen cheeks. Would she get away with this? I knew she would, it would look as if I jumped, instead of being pushed, and no one would be smart enough to put the pieces together. I could feel my life slowly ending, as my body hit the concrete floor. This was like my dream, but this time I wouldn't wake up

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