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Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



Beautifully Broken

By: Megan Herrick



I had a dream of you.”

She said as her beautiful blue eyes looked at me, a smile spread across her face and I couldn't help but smile back. Just as I smiled back her smile faded.

Except you weren't here, beside me.”

As she said that she swung her body over the railing that faced the pavement hundreds of feet below. She held on and looked down, her red hair blowing in the wind.

What are you...”

Would you catch me?”

As she asked she turned around so she could face me, she was really starting to scare me.

Can you please come back inside?”

I pleaded, as a single tear ran down her cheek.

You're not supposed to be're dead. In my dream I fell and you caught me.”

She said sounding depressed.

Please...come back inside.”

Her face was so close to mine as I pleaded her to join me inside. She pressed her nose against mine and looked me in the eyes with such fierceness I almost didn't recognize her, but in a flash it was gone. Her gaze stayed focused with mine as her lips got closer and she breathed...

Catch me.”

With those last words she pushed herself away from me and let go of the railing.

I screamed and awoke in my bed drenched with sweat and gasping for air. I sat there confused as fuck, usually I don't remember my dreams so I couldn't understand what was so special about this one. I tried going back to sleep but I couldn't get her out of my head, I've never seen her before in my life but in the dream I felt so much love for her. I glanced at the clock it was 3 in the morning. I sighed in frustration, I had to get up for school in 3 hours...ugh...this was going to be a long day.




I remember him...clear as day. The scent of his skin against mine with his hands intertwined with mine. His smile lighting my day, I can't forget that day. The day I laid next to him, I forgot the world around me as I got lost in his eyes. We had a way of communicating with each other without saying a word. Just gazing into each others eyes. I love the way he would look at me, as if him and I were the only ones on this earth. I will keep this memory with me until I see him again.




I awoke to my alarm clock beeping obnoxiously in the most annoying way it did every morning. I slammed my hand against it, forcing it's croaking to stop. I looked towards my ceiling, my dream coming back to me. A headache forced it's way into my skull just then, confirming that I was now awake.

Well...shit”, I said to myself forcing my tired legs out of bed. It took me twice as long then it normally would to get ready but that's understandable since I practically got no sleep last night. After I finished getting ready I got in my car and drove off to school.

Wooh, only one more year and I wouldn't have to go to that school anymore, and deal with all of the fucktards.

It was a twenty minute drive to the school, but today's drive seemed like it took forever. I pulled my piece of shit car into a front spot and turned the car off. I took a moment to relax, and just stared off into the distance. Just then I saw someone walk by, someone I remembered from somewhere.

I could remember that red hair from anywhere, but it seemed unlikely that the girl I just dreamed about was right in front of me. Without thinking I jumped out of the car and hurriedly walked towards her. I tapped her shoulder and as she turned towards me, I now realized her hair was brown. How is that? I could have sworn her hair was red.

Blake!” She said as she gave me a friendly hug.

I knew her regardless, but she wasn't who I was looking for.

Ummm...hey Stacie.” I said somewhat disappointed. She seemed to notice the change in my mood, but before she could say anything about it I turned around and walked back to my car.

Ok, I'll see you later then!” She shouted to me. I ignored her and got my books out of my car that I forgot and headed towards first period.




Did you forget? You promised you wouldn't forget me. I can't forget you, you won't let me. Why must you follow me so? You haunt my dreams, every second without you is torturous. Don't you remember? How you held me in the rain, we just stood there me and you. Your hands around me, as if I would leave you but I never will. Those moments I will cherish, every single one.




The last bell rang and for that I was grateful, today was a waste since I slept through every class. As I was about to leave there was a nudge at my shoulder.

Hey Blake, why are you so tired? Have a crazy night?”

I looked behind me and saw the smirk on my friends face. I wasn't busy in the way he is suggesting, but I can't expect anything else from him.

Yeah Jase...totally had a wild night.”

I said sarcastically as I grabbed my books and headed for the door anticipating a nap when I got home.

Really dude? Hey don't walk away without details!!!”

Obviously he didn't get my sarcasm, maybe if I walked away fast enough he wouldn't bother me.

Damn Blake are you in a hurry or what?”

He asked as he caught up with me.

There is no getting away from you is there?”

I asked him with a smirk.

Hell na! Now about that story...”

Dude nothing happened, just didn't get any sleep.”

Yeah cause you were busy right?”

He asked with a wink. if you don't mind I would like to get home.”

Well shit you'd think after getting some you would be in a better mood, but no you just so damn grumpy.”

I rolled my eyes and continued to my car, he obviously wasn't getting it at all.

I walked out the front doors and so excited to get to my car and the hell out of here that I bumped into someone. As I did all my books fell out of my hands and scattered around the floor.

Shit, I'm sorry.”

I said out of instinct as I bent down to pick them up.

Don't worry about it, I wasn't paying attention.” That voice...

I looked up just as she was bending down and helped me with my books. Her blue eyes looked at me and I froze, her red long hair covering her shoulders catching my attention. I couldn't help but stare and she stared right back. For a moment everything disappeared and she was all I could see. Something came over me that I can't explain, there was something about her eyes...I could look into them all day.


You look familiar.” She said as she cocked her head to the side as she tried to remember where she had seen me. I seem familiar? I was just about to say the same about her, but that's understandable but how would she know me?

What's your name?

I couldn't help but ask, in my dream I never learned her name.'re Blake?”

How do you know my...”

Your Id.”

She said as she pointed towards my school Id. I laughed and shook my head as if so say “duh”.




I spent the night in your eyes I had something to tell you, something I couldn't keep to myself anymore. You gave me the shock of a lifetime as I felt your lips on mine, just one touch is like an electrical shock. The chills you give me when you look at me the way you do. Every word is just more than I can take. I can't wait to see you again. We shall meet again, so I can have the chance to tell you.



Ever since I bumped into her I couldn't get her out of my head. I spent everyday with her, there was just something about her that was so addictive. I couldn't get enough of her, the only bad thing was her mind was deteriorating. Every now and then she had her bad days, and it's those days that scared the shit out of me.


Blake don't you know how horrible it is for me to love you?”

I was sitting next to her on the couch, her hand in mine and I couldn't help but look at her confused.

What do you mean?”

I asked her. Her happiness turned to fear and I couldn't understand why. She put her arms around my neck and brought her face to mine and took a deep breath before responding.

Are you real?”

I looked back at her, her nose touching mine. How could she ask such a question? I cupped her face and kissed her soft inviting lips. That seemed to answer her question as she kissed me back. I spent the night with her by my side, my arms wrapped around her, with her eyes looking into mine without saying a word. Pretty soon she seemed to be struggling with her words, after gazing at one another we talked most of the night but something was off, something I couldn't quite place just yet.


I haven't had the chance to tell you.”

She whispered as she rested her head on my chest.

Tell me what?”

I asked, but she had already dozed off. I wrapped my arms around her unable to sleep just yet. I could fell her heart beating against mine, I brushed her hair away from her face, she had a certain beauty that was hard for me to even explain. I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep listening to the pounding of our hearts.




You left me, I didn't mean it. Nothing in my life was real, how could you be? How could I push away the one real thing I had? You are real, everything about you, your words, they were all real. I was too late to realize it, and now that I know, I must see you again. I have to tell you everything I was unable to, you must understand. Could you ever forgive me? I see you in my dreams, but when I wake up you're not there. My love, you are gone. In my dream you promised, you promised if I saw you one last would catch me.




I awoke to a terrible feeling, like I always did when I woke up from a dream. I couldn't remember it though, all I remember was how beautiful your wings looked, and then in a flash you were gone...forever. I wiped the tears from my face as a chill ran down my spine. I got a glance of something from the corner of my eye that sent my body into shock. I jolted out of bed, my hands trembling. I let out a whimper of disbelief, and quickly forced my hands over my mouth. He opened his beautiful brown eyes and stared at me, like he use to.

What's the matter gorgeous? Did you have a nightmare?”

He asked with a yawn.

Wh-wh-what are you doing here?”

I stuttered.

What was he doing here? He's not real, and yet he won't leave me alone. I shouldn't have imagined someone so perfect, I don't want him to leave, but he's driving me crazy.

He got up and put his clothes on as I tip-toed to my dresser. I kept my eyes on him as I opened the top drawer and felt around until I found it. He had to leave, I couldn't keep teasing myself with these feelings.

When he was done he looked at me with concern and walked closer to me, he was getting closer and it sent fear throughout my whole body.

Stop! Stop it!”

I yelled at him, my hands were shaking behind my back as tears filled my eyes.

Colette, please talk to me, what's bothering you?”

He asked confusion filling his features.

You're not real, you're not real, you're not real.”

I kept whispering as I backed up towards the closest wall behind me. I looked towards the ground trying to force his image out of my head. When I looked up he was right in front of me, and my heart skipped a beat. He grabbed my hand that was empty and placed it on his chest.

You feel that?”

He asked as I looked into his eyes. I could feel his heart pounding against my hand.

It's all real, all of it.”

No, no, no it can't be. Now he was lying, it can't be real, it couldn't be. I looked into his eyes for some sort of meaning. I had to tell him, it was time to tell him.

Before I had a chance to say anything he gently touched my face and brought his lips to mine. He kissed me softly and I couldn't stop myself from kissing him back. He wouldn't believe me, I realized. There was only one way, the only thing I could do. I couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth. I stopped kissing him so I could look into his eyes one last time as I rose my other hand to his chest that had been holding my gun.

The last thing I remember is hearing a loud BANG! After that everything disappeared, he was gone and I blacked out.




It's been three days since I've seen you, you even disappeared from my dreams. I shouldn't have made you leave, even though you weren't real, you were the realist thing I've ever had. I should have told you, should have given you a chance, but my love we shall meet again.



I climbed over the railing on my balcony and looked down, nothing else mattered. I saw you for the first time in five days last night. You came to me and wrapped your wings around me and made a promise. I hope you did not forget the promise you made me.

I took a deep breath as the wind blew my hair away from my face. I can feel you around me, “you didn't forget” I whispered as a smile spread across my face. I closed my eyes and saw your face, the face of the man that I love.

I let go of the railing as I whispered my last words

Catch me”.


Somehow I knew we'd meet again.

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