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Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



There once ruled ruthless king by the name of Orion. His
kingdom stretched far and wide. He had two sons, Hedus and
Rombus. He taught them his evil ways of ruling as they
grew into young men. The king grew old and weak as the
years passed. He fell victim to sickness and old age at a
rapid rate. Rombus, knowing his older brother Hedus would
inherit the throne with his father's death, decided to poison
his brother one evening. He walked into the kitchen that
evening and threatened the cook with death if his brother
wakened by the next morning. The brother's ate and carried
a converstion as usual. "Rombus, my brother, I'm retiring to
my bedroom. It seems I'm feeling a bit under the weather.,"
Hedus said. Rombus, knowing what was going retired to his
room as well with a smirk on his face. The next morning Rombus
and his mother sat to eat breakfast. " Mother, have you seen
Hedus?," Rombus asked. " No son, I have not seen him this
morning. That's odd. He's usually the first to the breakfast
table. Won't you go check on him?," his mother replied.
Rombus hurried to check on his brother hoping to see his
dead body. He entered the room and saw his brother layin on
his bead lifeless. He was overwhelmed with glee but contained
his emotions to cover up the murder. He then began to wheap
like a child and ran to his mother. " Hedus is dead! Hedus is dead!
Mother, my brother is dead!," Rombus cried. His mother sat
motionless but with a deep sadness. Rombus, wheaping like
a child, became confused with his mother's reaction. " Does
your son's death not hurt you mother?," he asked. She looked
at him, and with disgust slapped him across the face. " You
try to fool your own mother Rombus? You dare try fool me who has
watched you grow to be as ruthless as your father? You took
your brother's life and now you wheap?," she said. Rombus stood
speechless. " I will say nothing about this to anyone Rombus,
for you are also my son. But know this, though you are my son,
I cannot forgive you for taking the life of my son.," his mother
said. She walked off with heavy tears rolling down her face.

The I'll king was told of the knews, and though ruthless, felt
deep sorrow and pain. His heart weak and ill took it's last blow.
The ceremony for both Hedus and his father took place the same
day. Weeks passed and the day of Rombus' crowing ceremony
arrived. " Finally, I will be king. No one will stand in my way.
Not my mother, not my father, not my brother!," Rombus proclaimed.
He was making his way to the ceremony when he passed by his
brother's room. He stopped and opened the door with a smile
on his face. He entered to see the room one last time. Then, just
as he was about to walk away he noticed a beautiful sword hanging
on the wall. It was the sword Hedus had received on his 17th
birthday. " I guess you won't be needing this anymore brother.,"
he said, then took it for himself. He walked with the sword in
hand admiring it's beauty. He finally arrived to the ceremony and
with his arrival it began. The moment of his crowning had arrived.
He stood with pride on the throne, than sat to have the crown be
put on his head. Once the crown was sitting on his head, the
people cheered with glee. Full of pride Rombus stood and took
his sword on one hand and waived at the people with the other.
As he waived, his crown fell off his head and fell down the
stairs. Rombus immediately chased after it, still with the
sword in his hand. He took a few steps then tripped over his
own foot, tumbing down the stairs along with the crown. The
crown and Rombus eventually came to a stop. The sword he had
held in his hand had driven through his abdomen as a result
of his fall. Still clinging on to life he made one last attempt
and reached for the crown, but died before he could grab it.

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